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Forum Post: Democracy, not corporatocracy. Consider the purple finger vote?

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 20, 2011, 7:30 p.m. EST by gardenguy (27)
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As the 99%, it seems to me that we, the people, are trying here to wrest our fledgling democracy from the corporations, now considered "citizens," who have bullied it from our grasp.

It also seems to me that the real challenge with our movement lay in building a consensus beyond the commonality of being the fed-up 99%.

Without a consensus, I, and others, fear that however long our movement may last, and however large it may grow, it could possibly be relegated in history as a canary in the coal mine of these times.

Or do we truly seek to change the current order?

Rather than seek a leader, or organized vocal group, (or alternatively, anarchist attempts to break through the cacophony in search of a harmonious voice,) perhaps we would best to practice the beginnings of a whole new, truer democracy, and institute, within Occupy, an experimental purple finger vote, or something of the kind.

Again, not to seek a leader at any point, without considerable maturation as a movement; nor necessarily even representatives just at this moment in time; nor even demands just yet; but instead, a focus.

What is it we most care about? Let's get some percentages. What actions should we take? Is it wise to consider organizing our voice? How many of us support this movement? What demands, if any, should we make?

No lobbyists, no parties, no billion dollar campaigns. Grass roots. Determine questions and potential options in the General Assembly. Distribute and collect inexpensively printed ballots, inking the fingers of those who participate. Grow the movement, develop a voice, and seek a direction.

Just somehow keep it from ever being bought. Thanks so much for listening.



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