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Forum Post: Democracy Center Web Design Needs Developers

Posted 11 years ago on July 16, 2012, 2:34 p.m. EST by AnchorActivism (-2) from Boulder, CO
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I'm writing today to propose an idea and a project. I believe this vision that's been carefully planned and developed could quite possibly change the way we lead our efforts in this modern world, having a huge impact on our government and in particular the Occupy movement, which is why I've come here today looking for help.

The project is a web application that will be hosted on PeoplesMic.net. I'm seeking non-profit partnership from young web developers like myself because I want to bring this vision into reality.

The website carries out the following functions in society which is why it will become a popular and valuable tool in the people's everyday decision making, planning, protesting, requesting, and legislating: it features a revolutionary format to enable "grassroots" movements and organizations to communicate, organize, and plan amongst themselves as well as publicize their ideas. This includes people like the Occupy movement, veterans, or any other collection of individuals with common desires that clash with those of a greater force or another group of people. It's a new communication resource. One could think of it like a Content Management System (CMS), used by companies for managing workflow in a collaborative environment, except PeoplesMic allows its users to plan, write, and debate not only collaboratively, but democratically. Ultimately, it's a system of communication that allows groups of people to think and act as one, without the need for a central leader, and all that we'll need is people willing to stand up with great ideas.

I've been planning and designing the concepts and functions of this software for several months now and am almost ready to move forward with development. Please support me in finding a team of 1, 2, or 3 other developers. To join us (myself and another developer), you must be skilled in one, two or more of the following areas:



-CodeIgniter / PyroCMS

-Social Media Optimization / Integration


-Web Writing

-Search Engine Optimization

-Living near Boulder, CO is a huge plus

Once we've talked, you can see the plans and concepts.

IMPORTANT!! If you're not a web developer, please support this cause by spreading the word, sharing the link, and getting in contact with your developer friends. If there's any other way you can contribute, please feel free. Contact me (below). Let's get started!

Patrick: anchoractivism@gmail.com



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