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Forum Post: Democracy and Trust.

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 12, 2011, 6:32 p.m. EST by Shashe (0)
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Our inherited right to representation in regard to taxation and civil liberties is thinly supported. In some cases it is directly infringed.

Our Congress and other civil servants are currently in an unconstitutional spirit of the law. We know that there is a failure, yet it is difficult to distinguish which parties are doing their civil duty and failing, versus those that are conspiring to game the system or directly violate the law to various unjust ends.

Please point me in the right direction if you can, or join me if you wish. My ends are simple, I would like to amend the constitution to allow for the individual to take an active role in each decision of government. I would do this with current technology, which would be easy. The challenge is ensuring the system is secure and free of corruption. The digital system would make the previously impossible possible, at the tremendous cost of rebuilding the political system. I sadly, cannot trust a large government or large corporation to enact this large idea, so I must form a new movement among the people, or be absorbed into a current movement.

Since true a true democratic model is impossible, I would be satisfied with a significant pay decrease for all civil servants, and a system of checks, balances, and incentives that would allow us to take control of our republic government. Incentives would include bonuses to those servants that are doing their civil duty, so that they don't have to reach out to corporations and special interests to pursue their happiness. If money is what they need we are happy to give it as long as they're doing their job. I would like to trust them, but I simply can no longer choose trust as the default. Trust must be regained, as it would if you and I had lost it between us.

We no longer have the ability (or right) to violently up-rise, so we must peacefully force the change in our political structure. To do this I need lawyers, programmers, and many politicians, as well as the help of millions of Americans and others around the world. So tell me, is this something we can do? How would you do it, and where can I go to join or form this movement in Southern California?



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