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Forum Post: Demands Working Group and The "9'step plan"

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 22, 2011, 4:58 p.m. EST by TomHall (58)
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The manifesto of Demands Working Group will not work without teeth marks, and this does not have teeth also! in order for the demands to be realized one must take a different action approach, other then sitting in a bank, which does prove a point to an extent. The Demands Working Group, will be best effective along with “The 9′step plan” Tocs Fae Doctrine, by David Ferola. Roping all the groups together yet having your own Assembly is a win for everyone.

David Ferola is the man and he has the "9 step plan"

Step1) Send your TAXES to a trusted congressman or congresswoman which maybe hard to find in your state. Make a Petition with your neighbors. Phone, email, fax your congress your list and intentions. Prepare your taxes, made out to the I.R.S check and envelope, and a stamp. Fit it in inside of a bigger envelope, onto which you should write congress address, preferably your state congress.


Washington, DC 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

Have congress unwrap the envelopes, state you want your taxes to be mailed to the I.R.S If you are asking yourself, what will this achieve first it can be used as a bargain chip however, congress cannot spend it or over take the fed reserve and banks system over night, nonetheless this will indeed give teeth/meat, back to congress. You should include a sign return receipt so as to show proof you paid your taxes.

Step 2) OWNERSHIP: With meat and teeth congress can demand ownership of the Federal Reserve, as to how much, well a good start would be 45% of course congress should have full control of the fed reserve. However, letting the opposition think you’re a fair man goes a long way.

STEP3) At every rally CHANT and SHOUT “Send you taxes to Congress now"

Occupy with David Ferola “9 step plan” at hand

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