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Forum Post: demands to media centers - spreading the truth - protest should be Permanent Coscience On The Earth

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 11:03 p.m. EST by DusanfromSerbia (34) from Београд, Централна Србија
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Sorry about my english, and please concetrate on meaning of the message.

If we(I mean 99% of people on Earth) initiate any demands first we should ask ourselves to whom? Who are the people or institution, from which the demands should be entail. Is it parlaments, is it goverments? So are we gonna expect from goverments to put the knife in their own back. This aproach would not be successful. Parlaments? Its the same people.

I think, and this is the essence of my message, that protest should concetrate on spreading the truth. There is a thousands, millions of frauds that is covered by media, but also very much known to us, how? Because some people took investigations and published it on internet. But there is no room for them on national televisions (read: most trusted medias). So we should take it one by one. First, and maybe the most important fraud in USA recent history is 9/11 event. Make CNN to broadcast the movie "ZERO-Investigation Into 9/11" it would be a good start. Than off course, explain the fraud on debts and money, like in Zeitgeist.

But how? What will make CNN to releasse it? Maybe, I m not an expert in law , but I think that it is forbiden by the USA, or any law to lie to people. There is something that is called like Right to Truth and information, so those big medias practicly breaking the law all the time, some honest lawyers should deal with that.

And protest itself should come before media buildings and masses their demands to broadcast materials and stories about frauds, for example that movie on 9/11 events.

In other words, demands should be permanently delivered, this 99% people action should be something like Permanent Conscience of the Earth and it should last as long as all the crimes, frauds, are reaveled, and all the criminals put to justice.

Maybe it is too much, but any less than that would be wasting the energy.



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[-] 1 points by Patrick (3) 12 years ago

Become the alternative media....

Tell everyone about the protests and this website. The Hell with corporate owned lamestreet media. We don't wait for them anymore.

BOYCOTT THE BANKS! Tell 20 friends to join.

[-] 1 points by DusanfromSerbia (34) from Београд, Централна Србија 12 years ago

This is the struggle for the truth, for the reason, and THE MAIN OPONENT IS the TV media. Thats the front that we should occupy. People dont know the truth, cant see it because of constant manipulating by the main tv media. This 99 procent of people should first of all become 99% that knows the truth, in this moment its not 99%, it`s like , what, 10%. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_WfT_2FXi8) Greetings.