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Forum Post: Deceitful Christianity - Roman Empire still exists

Posted 7 years ago on May 14, 2012, 9:39 p.m. EST by jamesluxley (29)
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Since our culture and society is based on The Roman Empire it is important to understand how it was founded and with what lies. US+England+all other nations under the covenant nations are Roman Catholic and owned by The Vatican including USA.

Lots of information here: http://jamesluxley.com

It is vital to understand history to know your roots. In facts Christianity is Islam+Buddhism+Taoism+Judaism+Hindi plus Egyptian pagan gods.

This makes Christianity a hoax religion proven emperically. Christianity was founded over many periods but the First Council of Nicaea was the first major place where one of histories biggest conspiracies was created to deceive all nations and people.

Freedom of religion is a hoax because their is only one world religion or rather most nations are based on Roman Catholic doctrine and laws.

I understand many will not understand above but those who do gets the point right away. About 2000 years ago a council was held by Emperor Constantine and so The Bible was written as a bunch of lies and in those lies was written how to conquer the whole world. First the knights templars then much later British Royal Navy and so the sun never sets on the british empire.

Later USA was conquered by The Vatican and US is owned by The Vatican and there is no free land because all american are the property of The Vatican.

You need to understand where you came from to understand the fundamental issues you face todays. Banks are corrupt and have always been so ever since the first money lenders came around and borrowing came about. Banks are naturally corrupt and was so long before The Occupy Movement started. They will stay so unless you understand the fundamental basics of what it is rooted on.

Once you understand this you can by mans law take them all out legally even in their courts of laws. The whole US state of affairs is illegally based on roman law and The Vatican and the constitution is a fraud not worse the paper it is written on.

Don't believe it. Ask someone else. Get your facts down to the roots of the matter before asking to change a system that will never change when it is based on making you stupid.

A pope once said:

"The finest secret device ever invented for applying religion to the purpose of making men stupid"

And this was in some book in The Vatican: Index Librorum Prohibitorum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index_Librorum_Prohibitorum

If you think this is unrelated we are going to talk Occupy for the next 2000 years.

When Christianity is a fraudulent religion and Congress, Senate and House of Representatives and United States President swears (root word is sword) upon The Bible then it is all fraudulent.

And yes, Christianity and The Bible can empirically be proven to be a hoax. Furthermore The Bible is designed to trick and outsmart and plunder all nations including USA which it has already done. Once you understand this basic fact you understand that The President and all that follows below him/her is a criminal act instituted to deceive and rob you. Ask any respectful honest scholar on this and it will go down like mothers milk in a court of law. The US president chair is a crime syndicate and today The Vatican is right on top of it.

Regards And best of wishes but please get to the root of your war or you WILL loose it. That I guarantee.



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[-] 1 points by mysefer (1) 7 years ago

Great post love it. And I also love. http://www.mysefer.com -Seforim,Sefer,Jewish Books,Kabbalah,Kabalah,Sforim.

[-] 1 points by friendlyopposition (574) 7 years ago

I'm particularly entertained by the fact that his domain name is, presumably, his real name. Conceited much?

And then I went to the website. Bad idea.

[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 7 years ago

We can't discuss taste but we can discuss facts. Start here as well:

"The finest secret device ever invented for applying religion to the purpose of making men stupid"

so said in one secret book as I understand gotten by the Jesuits in Tibet and it was then incorporated into Catholicism.

Watch this and after that we can talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNw1uPwQXsM

Also know that money corrupted far back in time and todays corrupt system is based on an old system. Unless you know the old system you can't fight the current system.

Young people are not so smart as they want to think they are but some are and it is those you should try and listen to.

[-] 1 points by friendlyopposition (574) 7 years ago

What is the source of all of your "secret" material?

[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 7 years ago

It is not secret. It is The Bible, Art and literature. Then linguestics. Then astrology. Then you can find the sources by visiting the website. Then you can investigate and check what is right and what is wrong and there will be parts that are wrong because new data is poring in which we had no access to just 1-5 years ago. Then common sense and good sense and understanding of basic related information. Then symbols and logos. Then scholarly books. Then egyptian text such as the dead sea scroll and the hebrew bible in hebrew and in latin. Then Tibet language translation. Then Actually making my own sources such as linking Tammuz with the chinese zodiac sign for Rabbit because Tammuz was fond of eating rabbits. Here a few sources: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=tammuz%20rabbit&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbo=u&tbm=bks&source=og&sa=N&tab=wp&ei=qFGyT_KGAoaHrAeeiI3gAw&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=7f032b387fbd1af4&biw=1828&bih=940

Oh, then own first hand experience with Catholicism and Christianity.

Here is a source I am very fond of http://www.hebrewbooks.org/


Tons. I can't go through it all here. Any specifics you want to know about?

Oh, and Buddhism which I have studied and I have travelled Asia been to Paris to study art.

One source I also use is Shakespeare, Socrates, Kirkegaard etc.

Also the writings of Goethe in the original german version which I read.

[-] 1 points by friendlyopposition (574) 7 years ago

I'm less interested in debating theology than I am talking about your theory that the Catholic church is the power seat behind all world affairs. You attest that the Vatican owns all property in the US? I think that might be a good place to start.

[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 7 years ago

Okay. I shall take it step by step. Okay? Do you see the coat of arms here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Seal_of_the_United_States there are 13 stars. Why? 12 zodiac signs and then state of Israel (or Jesus if you like). You also see Latin language? When did US ever speak Latin? You also see Holy tree? And you see 13 arrows? Then you see a bird? And you see a shield with the colors red and white and blue (no stars)?

Please confirm above and I shall continue.

[-] 1 points by friendlyopposition (574) 7 years ago

Or the 13 original colonies. 12 zodiac signs and a state of Israel? Those two concepts aren't related to each other, and the zodiac doesn't have any connection to the Vatican (well, except for the one you are about to give me). Why not the 12 disciples instead of the zodiac signs or 12 hours of daytime or 12 notes in a musical scale? I see a "bird" which is an eagle - our National bird. Latin is long been thought of as the language of "educated" men.

please continue.

[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 7 years ago

12 decibels are the 12 zodiac signs. Source: Bible. Okay, you see the bird and all. Fine. We don't have to agree so far. Now tell me what is the purpose of Catholicism with regard to spreading the word of God and http://bible.cc/matthew/28-19.htm ?

Do you notice the word "decibels" in that verse? What does disciples mean? http://translate.google.com/#el|en|μαθητής and disciple translates to greek: http://translate.google.com/#en|el|disciple - so the idea is to make pupil of nations - do you agree with that? Is the US governments based on Christianity and uses The Bible? So therefore we can agree USA is baptized and made a pupil? The Christian church today is based on The Bible and therefor the founding fathers of The Bible namely Emperor Constantine and he instituted The Vatican ergo we can conclude, that US is already baptized and made a pupil as foretold according to The Bible, yes?

Can you tell me when did this happen?

PS. Pupils follows Jesus and Jesus is a metaphor for the Sun. I will show the Bible references where God himself says this if you like.

Please read: http://bible.cc/job/38-31.htm (King james) then look up Mazzaroth and also notice the other items God mentions.

[-] 1 points by friendlyopposition (574) 7 years ago

I see the word 'disciples' not the word 'decibels.' And yes, it is a well know fact that Christians were tasked with making disciples of all nations, introducing people to their beliefs and drawing more people into their religion. I believe that many of the Founding Fathers of the US held Christian beliefs, and that then influenced their actions in crafting some of the building blocks of our country. But linking the founding Fathers to Emporer Constantine and then the Vatican - no. I think it would be a stretch for anyone to look at the US and claim it to be "baptized" and made to be a disciple nation of Christ. It is too many steps to say the US is based on Christianity, Christianity is based on the bible, the Bible was written by Constantine and Constantine instituted the Vatican, therefore the US is under the control of the Vatican. There have been WAY too many other variables involved in the development of our country.

[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 7 years ago

Okay, I get your point and you got mine. Yes, this is only a fraction of the reason why USA is owned by The Vatican. We need to cover banks, City of London and much more. I do think we can agree that all nations occupied by The Vatican is under the seal of The Holy See. Even the coat of arms says so.

And there are no other variables with regards to The Bible and USA being christian therefore owned only via that variable by The vatican. Strictly and absolutely. Surely as you mentioned there are many years under the bridge but that does not change the facts being that USA is baptized by the founding "fathers" of The Vatican.

Corporation = Corpus = body. Even corporations are owned by The Vatican strictly just by looking at this word alone with only regards to The Bible however it sound bizarre but that is a fact.

Denmark, England, France, Germany etc etc... in fact all members of The United Nations are owned by The Vatican.

Trace the money and they go right to The Vatican. Look up Black pope, Gianni family, Borgia family, Italien+US Mafia, Drugs-trading, CIA... the list goes on and one and I don't think we can cover it here.

My only "job" is to cover the religious part for now. Empirically and religiously USA is "baptized" by The Vatican by the conquerors of the land of North America killing and destroying the indigenous peoples values and they came from Europe and England, ireland, Italy and these countries were already "baptized" or conquered by force by The Vatican over 2000 years so the invaders of North America came with their religion and the religion was Christianity and that came only from one source The Vatican so the invaders placed their flag or mark and "baptized" there land in the name of Christianity and hence The Vatican and with that follows money which was poorer into the new land from The Vatican naturally tunneled via other channels called companies which again was patsy operations to hide all the looting of 2000 years of conquest. All value was transported to Rome to The Vatican and the leftovers was used to build the symbols of The Vatican. Why on earth does Capitol Hill look like a bad copy of St. pretors Basillica and why does Copenhagen have an almost exact copy of the Basillica... oh yes, the proof goes on and on.

Sorry about the decibels. I play the Tenor sax so perhaps I was on that for a second there.

Anyway - I would love to see where the Federal Reverses gold went? City of London perhaps? And City of London is a sovereign state owned by.... The Vatican.

What do you think The Vatican is doing if not looting all nations? It is given by God to them to do so and so says The Bible itself.

Do you think The Vatican is in the business of being kind and friendly making people believe in God?

[-] 1 points by friendlyopposition (574) 7 years ago

First off, I do not agree that all nations are occupied by the Vatican. There was the reformation - which the Catholic Church violently opposed, and then the pilgrims that sailed to get out from under the Anglicans. While I stated that many of the Founding Fathers were Christian, I don't know of any that were Catholics. When you say "in fact, all members of the UN are owned by the Vatican." How is this a fact?

You say that the US is "empirically" baptized by the Vatican. How so? Empirically means proven. Where is this proven? Facts, please. You speak as if the Vatican is the center of Christianity, when it is not.

To say that corporations are owned by the Vatican because the of how the word Corporation is devised, is ridiculous. You are going to have to have more than word play and random symbols to make your case.

Lets assume for just a moment, that the Vatican is at the center of some secret scheme to rule the world - to what end? What are they looking to get out of it - and why has it taken them more than 1000 years to do it?

[-] 1 points by Rush123 (3) 7 years ago

Exactly what is this guy saying?

[-] 1 points by TitusMoans (2451) from Boulder City, NV 7 years ago

Good humor! I think we all appreciate levity, especially when it concerns religious "conspiracies" for global domination.

[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 7 years ago

You have totally and utterly missed the point. Same goes for Mr. Rush123. Learn your history. Did you know USA is Catholic and owned by The Vatican as is Europe. Did you read up on religion and The Roman Empire and did you understand that this is the basis of your misery today. Well, you better learn fast or you will not get far on your quest.

Those is favor of The Vatican can stay out of this conversation because you are the ones we need to get rid of and you are soon going out.