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Forum Post: Debt Ceiling Oct 17

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 3, 2013, 9:35 a.m. EST by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT
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The twitterverse has a rumor circulating that repelicans may choose to default on the national debt. We hit the debt ceiling sometime around the 17 of October. They could be bluffing of course. But the NYT is reporting:

It is a long time between now and the time the debt ceiling kicks in for Congress to fail in passing either a budget or in agreeing to raise the debt ceiling. They could do both - right now - and before this era of partisanship they would have.

The Washington Post lists 9 of the most painful consequences of this government shutdown. If this lasts up to the date of the debt ceiling, October 17, it is virtually certain this list of the worst effects will get much longer.

There is no excuse for the Federal Government to suddenly renege on their obligations to the public - and threaten food safety, public health, transporation safety, or to jeopardize the nutritional and health care needs of children all across America. That's just wrong.

I say that if Americans are forced to suffer beneath the heel of repelican intransigence with mendacious arguments and subterfuge blaring from the national stage all day long for weeks on end, then we must bear it.

We Will Bear It. Let Us Send Them A Message, One They Will Not Soon Forget:

National Strike

Wednesday, October 16

Thrusday, October 17

Friday, October 18

Let nothing move, let nothing be bought, let nothing be sold. Let us instead hug our families close, under the assurance that if we cannot train our leadership to respect the American Public a great deal more than this, then our nation is done for.

@johnboehner YOU WANT DEFAULT ON DEBT? NATIONAL STRIKE! Wed Oct 16 Thu Oct 17 Fri Oct 18 #ENOUGHTEA #ShutdownTheGOP http://is.gd/7ryWwX



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[-] 1 points by pigeonlady (284) from Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

Yo, Zensters, I'm over here now. Are three days practical? We would want results and a lot of people have to shop Friday because it's payday. With so many living hand to mouth they HAVE to get the supplies for the family. Bear in mind the protests have to recognize the real needs, and not ask for people to do what they cannot. Most of us are hand to mouth. Suggest modification and symbolic place to protest Thursday. What thinkest thou?


[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 5 years ago

debt is a tax on our government and ourselves through interest

the only left with less taxes are the corporation we keep allowing a free pass