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Forum Post: "URGENT! Please Forward Widely!"

Posted 5 years ago on June 26, 2012, 7:08 p.m. EST by WageSlave (117)
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Dear Friends in the Peace Movement,

We can't afford to let this opportunity slip by. By taking action over the next five days the peace community has a chance to inject a compelling and courageous peace advocate into the 2012 presidential campaign, to have a voice in the national debate over war, militarism, and military spending.

You know what is going to happen if we leave this election up to the two major party candidates. President Obama will defend his troop surges, his excessive Pentagon budgets, his preparations for war with Iran, his escalation of the drone wars, his crackdowns on whistleblowers, his indefinite detention policy, and his new role as manager of the White House assassination list. Mitt Romney will not question these policies, but will promise to pursue them with even more enthusiasm. In debates and interviews, the American people will have the Big Lie drilled into their consciousness: that our nation must accept escalating military engagement and must visit worldwide violence against all who defy the U.S. government.

Jill Stein stands ready to challenge the Big Lie. Jill Stein, a physician from Massachusetts, who has been a national board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility, has just won 29 state primaries to secure the presidential nomination of the Green Party. She is putting some badly needed fundamentals for peace on the table: Cut the Pentagon budget by 50%. Halt the drone wars. Pardon the whistleblowers. Restore our civil liberties. Make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone. She is driving home the point that the Obama/Romney fascination with war and violence is dangerous for our nation and the world. We need to make sure she is heard.

Jill Stein is closing in on federal matching funds that would double the value of donations to her campaign. Because she doesn't receive big checks from Pentagon contractors and their lobbyists, public funding is essential to her campaign. She needs to raise about $24,000 by midnight on June 30th so that she can apply for matching funds.

That's not much money to ask of a national peace movement. We can do it. And the payoff for peace will be tremendous.

So we urge you do two things. First, go to Jill Stein's website: http://www.jillstein.org/donate, and make a generous donation to her campaign. Second, please forward this email to your friends and networks. Forwarding this message is critically important.

Thank you for helping us open up a dialogue for peace.


David Swanson, author of War is a Lie and also of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial President and Forming a More Perfect Union

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK

Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and senior fellow at the Nation Institute

Leah Bolger, retired naval commander and current president of Veterans for Peace

George Martin, three term national co-chair of United for Peace & Justice

Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Kevin Zeese, executive director of Voters for Peace

  • organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only

PS. While all donations are valuable, Jill Stein especially needs donations from the following key states to help her reach the required $5000 per state threshold. If you know anyone in these states, please ask them to make a donation of up to $250: AZ, CO, CT, DC, FL, ME, MI, MO, NC, NM, OH, OR, SC, TN and VA. Read all the nitty gritty details and updates here: http://www.jillstein.org/funding



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[-] 0 points by ericweiss (575) 5 years ago

We do live in the REAL world
Nader gave us shrub, the Iraq war, torture, economic disaster, alito, roberts
what mo re goodies can we get from third parties?

[-] 4 points by WageSlave (117) 5 years ago

First, Gore won the election, it was stolen from him even with Nader taking some votes away. Second, if Gore had a backbone he would have beat Bush in a landslide and Nader wouldn't have been FORCED to run. Gore ran an abysmal campaign and rightfully got what he deserved. Third, a quarter MILLION registered democrats IN FLORIDA voted for Bush. Fourth, the U.S. is one of the FEW democratic countries with only two political parties -- and IT SHOWS!! Least worst political strategy is pathetic. Look where it got us! Finally, there is ZERO EVIDENCE Gore even would have been an improvement. Case in point: Barack Obama. Bush 2.0. You fell for the corporate democrat fear mongering hook, line and sinker. You're not the only one though, and we're suffering from it. Fear is the #1 propaganda strategy, and it works wonders on fearful democrats who hypocritically laugh at republicans for the same on buying war justifications.

Third party candidates have every right to run. In fact, our democracy has suffered mightily as a result of their relative absence due to duopolistic legislation. Yet, despite all of the hoops they have to jump through just to get on the ballot let alone have a voice in the corporate media that ignores almost completely, some of the BIGGEST accomplishments in the history of politics have come directly from third party pressure. Ending slavery, obtaining women's rights, child labor laws, reduced work hours, social security, and many more. Where would we be without them?

[-] -1 points by HempTwister (667) from Little Rock, AR 5 years ago

Give me Instant Runoff Voting and I am down. I will be voting for Romney not to win. Luv the idea, though.

[-] 2 points by WageSlave (117) 5 years ago

If we had instant runoff voting this would be a lot easier, but there again we can't expect change through voting in favor of the status quo. Having a "spoiler" candidate impact further elections might actually accelerate the process of getting instant runoff voting passed. No spoiler and people won't see the point. It's frustrating, but true.

If we can't vote our conscience, how can we call ourselves a "democracy"?