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Forum Post: Dead Memes Walking

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 30, 2011, 4:43 p.m. EST by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA
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[edit] The Critical Solution

The only viable solution is to remove all of the dems and all of the republicans from power. All of them. the only viable way to build a coalition is to honestly start from scratch. The only fair game to play with everyones time and energy is that all voices will be heard and listened to and given due weight as we create a new thing and forge a brave new consensus. Whatever that brave new consensus is it can not and will not be based on isms. It can not and will not be based inside of any existing party structure. It is the new evolutionary thing and must be and will be what it is; not somebodies slave co opt movement to drive their own pet agenda; but a wave which all good agendas can surf together.

Co-opting is not an option here. We commit treason against our republican participants if we allow ourselves to be co -opted by the dems, treason against our dem participants if we allow ourselves to be co-opted by the republicans, and so on down the line. No. No. No. It does not matter what flavor of shit ice cream they have for us to taste we must all walk away, together, and turn our backs on all of that garbage and noise.

I can only demand that a republican do that if i take a stand and do it myself. Your way is short sighted and assumes we must operate as the secret unsecret left; a mere ten percent of society at most. My way assumes something different and is mre in tune with and has a better and clearer understanding of this movement and where it will go; with or without my words. ALL OF THE OLD ISMS DIE . Absolutely no PERSONS shall be harmed in this. but Republicanism is being walked to the gallows. We all know its evil. We all know its corrupt. And we all know its current batch of clown fools present the perfect proofs of this. Democratism i nthe form of liberal elitism or the dysfunctional codependent mom to the the republican abusive dad is also about to be executed. Libertarianism, Socialism, marxism; are all about to be sacrificed as garbage ideologies and laid forever to rest by a population that is done being divided and conquered.

We have found the one primal truth; we are the 99 percent. And THEIR GAME no longer passes muster. THEIR CON SCAMS are looking transparent. And we can SEE and visualize a BETTER POSSIBLE WORLD.

We are the 99 percent. In love, we do not forgive, we do not forget, all the old paradigms are dead memes walking. Expect us.



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[-] 1 points by SirPoeticJustice (628) from New York, NY 12 years ago

The RAPE of the PEOPLE by their government !!!

People are fucking stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.!!!!!!!!

You have to understand that. it is nothing against them. They are just IGNORANT.


The list of largest corporations only includes the LEGAL companies. What about all the ILLEGAL corporations That have TRILLIONS of dollars. Enough money to have their own subs they run from south america to the United States full of drugs. What about the Mafia, Yakuza? What about other black market corporations that do human trafficking, one of the largest industries in the world. The market for sex slaves is number 3 largest industry in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck your petty problems and UNITE to get the nation on track. We need to put the CROOKS IN JAIL NOW.


You are missing the big picture. This nation is no longer a nation of citizens. IT IS A NATION OF SPECIAL INTERESTS COMPRISED MAINLY OF CORPORATIONS. All sides of a debate represent a corporations agenda. Our pure ideals get co-opted the moment we Begin strategizing how to move forward. You are naive as hell if you think this whole thing wasn't designed to be an answer to the Tea Party. Obama gave wall street everything they wanted his first term in the form of the bailouts and representation in government. He asked for bipartisan effort. They scoffed and laughed in his face when he attempted to raise taxes on the (((1%))). So Obama and his cronies came up with the idea OCCUPY WALL STREET. Here is the important thing - CUT AND PASTE THIS AND KEEP RE-POSTING IT. Get the truth out there for the truth's sake. I like Obama, may even vote for him again. This is not about what party you are with. this is about the truth!

With the technology of the day, Howard Hughes' company along with mafia interests, managed to imprison him in his own house, and collude to take over all of his assets. WITH THE TECHNOLOGY OF TODAY, why do you think only men WHO HAVE FAMILIES can become president? THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT NEED TO BE ABLE TO 'MOTIVATE' THE PRESIDENT. The WHITE HOUSE IS A PRISON. EVEN if OBAMA WANTED to do the right thing, HE CANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

I'm not missing the big picture i see it fine. Obama being in a cage is again very much related to being in power as a democrat in the dem party, and being ignorant himself. the lies obama believes are the things that truly kill him. He trusts evil people, we all get shafted.

Either way we arrive at the same end. Obama is just grease under the foot of a giant shafting machine, he road kill just like we are under the giant corporate oligarchy corruption.

There ARE things he could have done to stand up to that corruption, but he didn't. And yes, they hold the presidents family essentially hostage. Duh. So?

Again, as we follow the power upstream its very clear. remove all oligarchs from power. remove the rich from public office. conflict of interest. If you are a millionaire you can't get into government theres an inherent conflict of interest there between cronyism and being a servant of the people.

obviously these truths lead inescapably to removing all of these rich oligarchs from office. Party affiliation means nothing. Caste membership means everything. "Elites" are already financially elite, it is not in the public interest to then allow them to have any kind of office in government.

That leads to a government of, by and for the elites- such as we have now.

The only way to restore civility, sanity, democracy, or stop the assorted emergencies our civilization faces is to end the corruption and to do that you must remove the corrupted.