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Forum Post: Day one. Year two. An open letter

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 18, 2012, 3:32 a.m. EST by Mason87 (0)
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So yesterday September 17th marked the one year anniversary of the Occupation in Zuccoti park. The camp is long gone, though some still remain in communities across NYC and beyond. The people involved, like the message, got spread out, thin, and maybe even a little ragged about the edges. I’m feeling a bit philosophical on day one of year two, and I remember what brought us together then. Injustice had been done. To make matters worse too few of those responsible had faced the reasonable consequences of their actions. The North Atlantic recession had become the new normal. And the prospects and prosperity of everyone excepting a vanishing small percent had become lessened. And for what? Greed. We came together and voiced our concerns, listened to each other’s troubles and extended a hand where we could. We raised our voices, hoisted our signs, and marched in our streets. We Occupied. In recent weeks the dow jones hit a five year high on the back of the gleeful news that the price of crude oil was going up again. Wall St. is back extracting profit while the rest of the economy suffers. MF global still can’t find over a billion dollars of its customers money, while ex-CEO, ex NJ-gov Jon Corzine is treated with kid gloves. During questioning over Chase Banks 6 billion dollar oops moment Jamie Dimon of Chase bank told congress that it is difficult for him to tell whether something is a bet or a hedge (one is gambling, the other has leaves) It was reveled in the last year that Barclays and several other multinational banks intentionally manipulated the LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate) a key metric used to peg interest rates around the world. If you took out a loan, paid extra on your mortgage or found your pension underfunded chances are Barclays and friends robbed you. The DOJ recently announced that they would not be pressing charges against Goldman Sachs, not because there had not been wrong doing but because the law is still toothless when it comes to white collar crime. Lobbyists still flood the hill with cash and prizes. In exchange they write the laws that our congress people pass off as their own. Super PACs and their quiet cousins 501c3’s pump undisclosed speech money into the heart of our republic, and on and on. In the upcoming year you can find us online, you may expect us in the street , and you will damn sure see us in the voting booth. Chin up Brothers and Sisters its only sophomore year. Peace



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