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Forum Post: Criminality increase in Europe due to the crisis

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 17, 2011, 6:38 p.m. EST by MechanicalMoney (208)
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Today, a strange hold up occured in France, Christian Denisot, 45 years old, computer specialist made a hold up in an employment office early in the morning, reclaim to have access to medias and want to speak about his personnal situation. He said to newspaper writer of the Rue89 press group, that administration of works in France don't care about him and reclaim disbanding of lobbies who "rules the world" according to him : "i only found CDD temp works ("definite during contract"), and now recruiter says i'm too old to work, I lost all and I am deprivated, I want to wake up people of France about the situation of middle-class...

"I'm not here to rampage people and I don't want to use hostages as human-shields, but I will shoot (at the Police) the entire round-weapon to protect myself if needed.."

Finally, after he was authorized to broadcast his message to medias, the kidnapper dropping his dummy-weapon and friendly give himself up to the police, no died or injuried people checked.

Reporter said that kidnapper is calm and frosty-blood, but hopeless and unstrung-minded, and he only wants to get through his message.

"I know i'll go to jail for that, but there is more humanity in jails instead of work's offices" he said before being under arrest.

You can hear the kidnapper speaking with the reporter on this site :




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[-] 1 points by TheJoining88 (13) 12 years ago

The only crisis in the world is a crisis of FAITH in Jesus...

[-] 1 points by MechanicalMoney (208) 12 years ago

Jesus don't feed you, dumb...

[-] 1 points by TheJoining88 (13) 12 years ago

Yes he does... A story about fish comes to mind. Real life Mana from above... Open your eyes to the modern day miracles. True faith is what's required...

[-] 1 points by MechanicalMoney (208) 12 years ago

Pff, The Joining "88" S.S. fascist, yeah, i know the position of the right wing, you don't have anything to learn to me, i know what's your number means, go make your proselytism outwhere, you aren't welcome on this thread. Don't speak to me anymore.