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Forum Post: CREDO Superpac Seeks Field Organizers to “Take down the Tea Party Ten”!

Posted 6 years ago on March 21, 2012, 4:23 p.m. EST by ktirella (1)
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The CREDO Action “Take Down the Tea Party Ten” campaign is seeking progressive organizers to assist in ousting Tea Party congressional incumbents throughout the country. Organizers have the chance to be a part of history and fight the good fight against the racist, anti-women and bigoted organization known as the “Tea Party”.

CREDO mobile is a cell phone company that donates a certain percentage of profits to progressive causes and raises money through individual donations from its members. CREDO Action has formed a Superpac dubbed in the press as the “Superpac that opposes Superpacs” and has raised 3 to 4 million dollars to oppose the Tea Party extremists in 10 congressional districts. 2.5 million activists who are a members of CREDO Mobile are ready to mobilize against the attack on American values.

Field Organizers will be responsible for engaging in electoral field operations on a cutting edge campaign that utilizes the most current and best practices in field operations as well as participate in opposition advance work including tracking and birdogging. This portion of the campaign will give voters the ability to see what the true colors are of the Tea Party and field organizers will be instrumental in making this happen. There will be paid training provided on all aspects of the campaign.

Qualified Applicants should:

  1. Relocate if necessary (we work to keep Field Organizers in a reasonable region).
  2. Have a car with insurance and posses a valid drivers license.
  3. Be on board to work in campaign mode from April 1st-15th through November 9th, 2012.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to recruit and train volunteers to be leaders on the campaign.
  5. Ability to deliver the progressive message of CREDO Action.
  6. Ability to meet tight deadlines and work in a high pressure environment.
  7. Ability to demonstrate organizing skills.
  8. Possess a good sense of humor and the ability to roll with the punches.

Ready to work on a high energy campaign with a sophisticated field operation? Ready to gain more skills to be a progressive organizer? Ready to rid political offices of bigots and jerks? Then apply now by sending in your resume, cover letter and three references to demcampaigns@aol.com.

Positions start in April!



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