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Forum Post: Creating the 1st social-capitalistic party in the USA

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 13, 2012, 4:14 p.m. EST by kriman (5)
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If we think, this movement is about wealth distribution within a capitalistic framework system. So, why not creating the first USA political party that combines socialism and capitalism concepts ?



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[-] 1 points by Underdog (2971) from Clermont, FL 5 years ago

That is not a bad idea. My suggestion would be that there be greater clarity/awareness regarding the word "Socialism". There is great confusion in the mind of the public about that word due to decades of capitalistic propaganda associating it with political Communism like Stalin and Mao (and even witch hunts e.g. McCarthy hearings). So are you talking about true Socialism as an economic system, or simply a heavily-focused welfare state like Sweden for example (they are considered a Social Democracy)? So the word "Social" (like Social Security) needs greater clarity and widespread education in the public mind.

[-] 1 points by kriman (5) 5 years ago

Hi....you have a good point about clarifying the word "social" e.g. as in social democracy in Sweden. In Sweden, the government makes sure to provide a "somewhat" equal distribution of wealth, so the gap between the social classes is drastically diminished. That concept plus a government that is highly focused on education and healthcare for the citizens, produces a society without much greed and envy among people.

[-] 1 points by Underdog (2971) from Clermont, FL 5 years ago

So is your view of "Socialism" really a heavy welfare state functioning within capitalism (that is what is happening in Sweden and other European "socialist" countries). Or do you advocate pure Socialism, which is eradication of Capitalism, corporations, etc. and replaced with worker-owned cooperatives and other such things that bring about 100% worker-benefitted society (that does away with the ability to make money with money like millionare/billionare capitalists that live off of their wealth via capital gains)?

[-] 1 points by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA 5 years ago

Why have any parties at all?

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Get your core team together, hold a national convention, do your role elections, and get going!!

[-] 0 points by yobstreet (-575) 5 years ago

We're already socialist capitalists.