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Forum Post: Crapified News

Posted 2 years ago on July 1, 2019, 6:31 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX
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The corporatist propaganda machine is spreading the lie that "Medicare for All" will take private insurance away from us. They imply it will be mandatory and are saying "180 million Americans will lose their health insurance!"

Fox [Faux] News is the foremost supporter of conservative mendacity. The rest of corporate media are complicit by their failure to challenge the lie, as they encourage its repetition by demagogic conservative pundits to rig the sensational shows they perform in the name of news these days.

Offering a reasonably priced alternative to price gauging, economy killing, medical, pharmaceutical and insurance extortionists may cause Americans to abandon their corporate oppressor masters. But that's not a bad thing. Who knows, the corporatists may even abandon their existential threat to America. They might recover some business by providing a better quality product at an affordable price.



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 2 years ago

The corporatist propaganda machine is spreading the lie that "Medicare for All" will take private insurance away from us

And Honestly = It really should. & I believe that "that" is the long term goal. But for it to be popular with the public - medicare has got to be better than it is right now for those who are currently on it. Medicare is OK but isn't gr8.

To be better, Medicare MUST cover EVERYTHING 100% (dental & eye care too, examinations, procedures, medication & prosthetics like glasses hearing aids dental implants etc) = no deductibles & no co-pays & where people can see any Dr at any Service provider (hospital or clinic) & not be billed for anything. Service (care) providers must be made to accept medicare patients and not be able to turn them away or charge additional fees.

Then when workers are invited to participate as a choice over for Profit Private Insurers - they should have the taxes show on their pay stubs & those with private insurance should have their payroll Ins deduction show on their pay stubs, and medicare workers can compare costs with their co-workers who are privately insured and compare coverage and see who is getting the better deal in cost Taxes (medicare) or payroll pay deduction (private ins).

If government delivers what is promised = better care for less cost Then they should have no problem getting everyone else to sign on-board.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Medicare is OK but isn't gr8.

Without Medicare I'd have no health care at all. But it certainly needs a lot of improvement, accompanied by heavy taxation of the health care oligopoly.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 2 years ago

Without Medicare I'd have no health care at all.

Same here. & Yes - to get a handle on things - those who are profiting off of the for profit system need to be taxed for the excessive amounts of money that they suck straight out of services.

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23517) 2 years ago

U.S. Healthcare is an insurance and not a service. That is the big difference between it and the universal healthcare other countries have. It is an absolute philosophic difference. It is a for profit industry and therein lies the problem.

In the States we should at least lower the age for Medicare over time until all are covered. Then, if Americans want to purchase "better" "private" insurance they should be free to do so.

It shouldn't take being age 65 to be assured that your health will be taken care of, though even then there is worry because as DKA says above it doesn't cover everything! It's insanity!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Not covering everything may sometimes make better sense. For example, my Mom should have heeded the public doctor's advice against having me circumcised because it was of dubious value in curing my bedwetting. Our government refused to pay for it but my Mom went ahead anyway to have me cut in a private for-profit hospital using her own money.

It was a waste of her money and "cruel and unusual punishment" to me. It all came about because of a crazy, stupid, and probably sleazy (if not the first two) hypothesis about the prepuce causing bedwetting. Just because some M.D.s or Ph.D.s hypothesized in a prestigious manner doesn't mean that they are correct. Unproven "science" is NOT Science.

When I come to reflect upon my bedwetting and my ineffective circumcision, I realize that I was sleeping eleven hours a night in that period of childhood. If my kidneys and bladder were functioning normally, it's actually more surprising that I didn't bedwet every night rather than just occasionally. Besides, there are people of Nordic descent who weren't circumcised and living perfectly well without bedwetting being an issue. I am not a Jew so circumcision was not a religious issue to me, either. Besides, it was indeed written in the Bible that Abraham wasn't circumcised before he became Abraham. Circumcision wasn't required of a person to be "saved."

When I was told by someone accustomed to being led by their nose and toe the party's line that I should get a surgery to fix my hay fever. I thought to myself, "Moo-moo elimination logic!" I'm so glad that my Dad brought me a transistorized radio so that I could listen to Radio Moslem-Cow at a young age and figure out its logic !

For example, is it more plausible that the Russian mercenaries no longer paid by Russia but being paid by Iran AND denied as being Russians by Russian military command were told to conquer the money-making oil infrastructure EAST of the Euphrates and get a cut of the revenue produced? Or is it more likely that the U.S. airstrike was called out of Iraq to bomb an area already under the control of the U.S.-backed SDF? Why would one bomb an area already controlled by one's own allies? Moslem-Cows eat grass because All Cows Eat Grass according to the rule from the moosick theory. Moo-moo can get better if we have some tanks to catch the milk squeezed from the Moslem-Cows' udders but there may be tank traps.

Remember "Thou shalt not covet." "Our bastards" are "bastards" because of "our" illegitimate fucking arounds and their being condemned by societal norms, not because of them intrinsically being "bastards." Neglected children tend to act up in the crevices they have slipped through in-between conflicting or dubious jurisdictions. Mercenaries are still one's own if one's actions have driven them into selling their lives for bread. Be responsive.

Although "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God," - Matt. 4:4, it all starts with providing enough quantity and right quality of air, water, and bread. My Dad said to me before that if I griped about what I ate, I should try his "cold water and bread" to clear my palate, apparently a wartime staple he had some knowledge of. I think that my Mom's austerity-measure lunches were better than his.

Cultures take time to meld so everyone needs to be patient and understanding. My family drank tea. Somewhere near the Bering Strait at 37,500 feet above the Pacific Ocean (or more appropriately, the West American Salt Lake, since Pax wasn't there for Dad, nor is it there now,) an airplane stewardess asked me what we would like to drink so I said tea. She brought us cups of hot water and tea bags for the three of us. Mom was overjoyed saying that it was good that the Americans were very accommodating to be able to serve up hot tea because she was under the stereotypical impression that Americans drank coffee, not the "traitorous" tea. Meanwhile, she grabbed my tea bag, ripped it open, and dumped the tea leaves into my cup. She very quickly did the same for Dad and herself. She muttered a bit about the lack of spoons -- yeah, the stingy and inconsiderate Americans... no plate beneath a cup, either. After a short while, as we started sipping the brewed tea, she complained to me of the American tea leaves floating on top of the water!

She urged me to ask the stewardess for a spoon. I got a rather quizzical look from the stewardess but with my "autistic" straight face (here's why my being able to selectively shut down a part of my brain came in handy as I didn't laugh; playing dumb can be smart,) I got the spoon with which to stir the tea. Yep, success. Hahaha! Without using (用) a spoon (屎盆) for stirring, the American tea leaves were "inferior" because they floated on top!

My Big Brother and I who had eaten meals together in many restaurants before (¿remember? our ceasefire agreement after Mom had butt-spanked him for not keeping his mouth shut about calling me a "thief" of the iridescent slipper, and my "advice and consent" to Mom regarding his [and my ;-)] "license to roam,") both laughed heartily about the torn tea bags when I told him about what had happened during our transglobal flight to New York. Mom didn't know about the tea bags' filtering paper. She always used very hot water.

There are many different ways of "properly" making and drinking tea. What's proper in one culture can be sacrilegious in another. Just imagine pouring milk and putting sugar Britishly into a steaming cup of tea ritually prepared and offered by a kneeling and devoted Japanese wife. Aren't you lucky that the Japanese have a "polite" culture so that she wouldn't sack you for your Brutish lack of taste? For the Brits, tea sparked major conflicts with Imperial China (whose kowtowing custom required of the Brits' envoy was another incendiary) as well as its American colonies (Happy 주체/主體 "boring"-Independence Tank Day!)

Apparently, Red China fumes against the right of free speech permitted under Universal Human Rights as well as the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, "despite the existence of a 1984 agreement that Hong Kong would retain its Western-style economic, legal and political system for 50 years" being exercised by a potential British Prime Minister and the current Foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt. The U.K. was a party to the said 1984 agreement. I like people who play by the rules. The U.S. legislative members and leaders of both parties support Hongkongers' fight to prevent their and 85,000 U.S. Nationals' freedoms from being insidiously eroded. Largely dismantling the British Empire peacefully and steadfastly is a GREAT achievement of the Brits who've got grit to see it through over many decades and administrations. However, Red China (excluding some obvious parts) lost Chinese culture.

Imagine how Red China would have handled Brexit for the U.K: "the Prime Minister had decided to ignore the people's votes so there would be no Brexit." It's quick, clearcut, fast and simple but Brexit isn't so easily swept away because Brits's got grit, "the people have spoken" so the agony must be endured. Is it fine to ask the people again for a confirmation because it's been a long while since the voting and almost everyone has seen how contentious and agonizing the process has become?

I wonder about how the U.S. can help without interfering with the E.U.'s internal affair which Brexit is. What will the E.U. defense look like without the U.K, post-complete-Brexit? U.K. is a very "heavy hitter" (i.e. with many well-trained soldiers who have real combat experience) in the E.U.'s defense lineup, probably the strongest-military country in all of Europe ( and a "shadowy" global soft-superpower and a lot more; Canada, Australia, and New Zealand readily come into mind; Russia was just too internationally illiterate to have bumped into the hornets' nest! {a bear needs to know the differences between hornets and honeybees before bumping around;} The U.S. is a bit smarter.. I hope {as our White House was burnt duing the War of 1812 by the "Brits" of what's-now-Canada so our smartness about the "shadowy" "Brits" close by has an actual historical basis;} does Russia have a Department of State like ours staffed by people who possess international knowledge? ) so its weight-shifting cannot be ignored while considering the defense of freedom. What is U.K.'s "business model" for post-Brexit? The livelihoods of the people merit careful and serious considerations. Trade helps buttress prosperity and costs are important so the continental E.U. being the nearest huge market matters. I suspect that the U.K. may not be as isolated as it seems to perceive itself to be because there are many countries of the brood of the former British Empire who still share the values they have grown up with. It may be a bit like my calling "Texass, Texass, Texass!" while knowing fully well that Texass shall shield me with its Big Big Ass when it really matters. It takes a Big Big Ass to cast a Big Big Shadow.

Taiwan should watch how this return-to-the-"motherland" process goes. Other East Asian lands should also take note of the behavior of "Mr. Roger" in their neighborhood.