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Forum Post: Cowrapper

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 16, 2011, 7:29 p.m. EST by kookla (79)
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Hey hey Ho Ho We are the 99, the greedy 1%, are trying to kill us slow we like working for a living, to earn our daily bread providing for our families, love our moms and dads but the greedy Neolib 1%, are skimiming all the cream selling out the 99, and killing off that dream*

They buy our politicans, make democracy their bitch Driving the middle class economy, straight into a ditch they are taking all the jobs, to ship em overseas cause the lower cost of living, makes their wages cheap all to drive up the stock, of the greedy 1% who just can't seem to ever get enough, of more than they can spend

We got a corporate msm ,that lying through their teeth selling drama by the hour, for the VIP's the're following the scipt, that's designed to obfuscate its called manufacturing consent and under the guise of news today Dim Lib verses Repug Con is the lie the're told to sell its just the never ending story they always try to tell But pull back the curtain, and the truth is plain to see the 1% are back there, pulling all the strings

we have the right of free speach, its a basic guarantee but now its just being sold , to the corporatocracy The scam of Campaign finance, an aint nothin but a joke its only graft used for buying access, to those congress hoes corps aren't people, thats plain for all to see and this Government has become a corrupted a tool, of the rich plutocracy

So 1% you listen up to the power of the truth the 99 are not the playthings for the 1% of you this country is the homland , of our liberty its supposed to be the future, of our kids prosperity but it just not gonna be there, for the most of us if we allow that greedy 1%, to keep fucking it all up.

well we just aint gonna take it, in the rear no mo The corruption of the 1% thats killing us, has really got to go That why we are out here, Occupying all these streets cause we need to take our world back, from the 1% elite



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