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Forum Post: Country Artists Soles of Passion Write Political Rock Songs to Help Homeowners Fight Foreclosure

Posted 7 years ago on March 26, 2013, 7:13 p.m. EST by yellowdarts (0)
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Upcoming country artists Soles of Passion write political music about America with an added rock vibe. Recently they have started an approved 501C non-profit, Freedom Assistance Foundation, and donate a portion of their music proceeds to the group.

Soles of Passion’s primary goal is to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure by supplying non-refundable grants to supply lawyers and help owners stay in their homes. The grants are funded by SoP’s music sales, merch sales, and concerts.

Make sure to visit the Freedom Assistance Foundation website: http://www.fafnow.org

Watch Soles of Passion’s Steven and Myla talk about what their foundation plans to do to help here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFqCHEjoh2g

Check out Soles of Passion’s debut album “Bump Me Up.” The first single “Got Me Surrounded” specifically relates to the cause, while the newest single & video here: http://bit.ly/CowGirlBlingVideo
“Cow Girl Bling” is just for fun. You can listen or download “Bump Me Up” and SoP’s awesome singles on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/SoPBMUTunes and on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/SoPBMUAmazon

To find out more about Soles of Passion, visit their website at: http://www.solesofpassion.com/

You can also connect with SoP on Facebook, ReverbNation, and YouTube at: http://bit.ly/SolesofPassionFacebook http://bit.ly/SolesofPassionReverbnation http://bit.ly/SolesofPassionYouTube



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