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Forum Post: could this be the answer?

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 8, 2012, 8:44 p.m. EST by guyfawkes1984 (7)
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a political group for change



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[-] 1 points by truth2012 (43) 10 years ago

There are some very good ideas on that website. "Socialist Republic"....I always felt that no 1 type of government would work....that it would be a combination of two or more.

It states a good outline, however there are many, many things still left to work out. This of course is understandable given our very broken current, system. We essentially have to 'reset' our entire system. Start Fresh.

My one concern about the people in the website is that there are no names. They require anyone making a comment to leave their name, yet they provide no names of anyone within the group. They speak of transparency, yet the people on the website operate in secrecy. I think people are sick to death of secrecy. Secret shadow government, secret protest initiators, secret global transactions, laws passed in secret, secret, secret. I would consider signing on with the group on the website, but ONLY when they make themselves known, and I know who I'm dealing with. Transparency really is the name of the future. Nothing else has worked for hundreds of years.

[-] 1 points by guyfawkes1984 (7) 10 years ago

I agree with you about the transparency, I think the reason they are trying to stay anonymous is so they can build a new political idea without taking credit for it. The idea is supposed to be for the people, not for leaders, but add your ideas to the blog section

[-] 1 points by truth2012 (43) 10 years ago

Yes, I have an idea about how the people can control a portion of media for political transparency and reach purposes. I'm on my way out. I will post it tomorrow. Posting ideas I can do, but again, I just can't sign up until I know the people I'm dealing with. Thanks.


[-] -1 points by turak (-812) 10 years ago

I've been telling you people what the next step is for over 2 months.

It is happening naturally everywhere: but it is happening haphazardly and blindly and not intelligently.

People are beginning to opt out of the entire system, and they are beginning to create their own communities.

The only trouble is, they're not doing it intelligently and they are not planning ahead for the future.

The lack of practicality in all internet forums is because you people who are posting on these forums are not the people who are on the streets that are doing the actual organizing and making and cooperating and networking.

The real activists are creating their own functioning alternatives to the global capitalist system and they're doing it locally and practically... and none of you are involved in this.

That is the successful tactic of decentralization of power by opting out of the centralized system as much as possible.

But in order to do this intelligently you must plan for the future and use your brains and be creative. Self-sufficiency is the goal of every group that is against the corruption of modern civilization, but none of you have focused on this goal as the No 1 priority which it is.

As one activist said: "If you don't deal with the system, the system will deal with you." Meaning that if you remain a passive spectator and are not active in resisting the brainwashing: you will become a victim of the system.

Opting OUT of the entire capitalist consumer system and becoming self-sufficient is even more intelligent than fighting against the system because by doing so it ELIMINATES any need to fight against anybody.

This allows you to spend all of your time and energy and resources creating a NEW way of living. This allows you to be creative. This lets you be creative. It allows you to be positive.

By not wasting your time fighting a negative system: your energy will not be poisoned and turned into negative consequences. You must understand: negative civilization is a toxic poison. Touch it and you will be poisoned by it:

Don't touch it and you can cleanse yourself of all the vices and addictions which you were born into.