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Forum Post: "Cost Efficient/ Productive"

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 29, 2013, 8:43 p.m. EST by elf3 (3994)
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These phrases are bandied about lately as though they are the most important value in this nation. Slavery and child labor were used here once, because it provided the most productive and cost efficient way to create profits massive enough to make one richer than Averice or a Carnegie. Americans worked 16 hour days for peanuts and no breaks. Eventually Americans realized the only ones getting rich were the Averices and Carnegies, and that even if they could they would not sacrifice their souls and morality to do it. They railed against Wall Street and demanded their rights, demanded WS be regulated. Wallstreet backed down but laid in wait,forced to come up with a new plan to sink their hooks into our collective wealth and dominate it all, they convinced the goverment to deregulate trade and offshored itself to places that would still tolerate slavery and child labor...then waited until we were forced to beg them to come back , willing to beg for 16 hour days and the work of 6 men for the pay of half a man. How did they do this? They bribed our goverment to stifle all entrepeneurship, to drown them out of the markets with red tape, to have power to monopolize the commodity markets, and lending systems so Americans could not rely on themselves or eachother, they would need their masters. And would be willing to exchange freedom and their ideals and morals for Wallstreet's ideals of Productivity and Efficiency in exchange for safety, food, and shelter; in exchange for their rations.



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