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Forum Post: Corporations Want To Be People and Now They Want to Live-On Forever

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 4, 2011, 5:36 p.m. EST by NortonSound (176)
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Once they walked the world among us as mortals, Auto manufacturers and insurance companies, they had their life-span, some longer than others, and then faded back into the gentle currents of capitalism, and in their wake came new corporations with young workers bringing bright ideas for the throngs of customers who could not get enough of American ingenuity. Corporations, yes, we must agree want us to believe they are now people, but like the rest of us, these mega-sapiens lived out their mortal lifespans and passed on to corporate heaven. However, one day corporations suddenly gained a new awareness, if they stifled community education, lowered the standard of living and tore great holes in the social safety net, why no innovators would have the strength to overtopple their stagnant half efforts. No longer would the corporations of today fear being replaced by younger, more adaptable competition from the very school systems and universities they used to proudly endorse. No, by systematically crippling the very society they grew out of, their fellow men would no longer pose a threat to their immortality, they would instead sponsor radio talk show hosts and entire television misinformation networks that incessantly pound-in the fear to any one who would tune-in, that some mythical smarter, progressive thinkers were lurking, plotting, actually looking down on one's family values and dirt logic. They would be taught to feel in their heart of hearts that those who believed in education, health care and a fair and equitable contribution from top to bottom was actually not what it seemed, but a threat that would come for them in the dark of night. Yes, today, the corporations of yesteryear are desperate to live-on forever, and they don't care a wit what the consequences are. That never again will be heard the sound of a new idea's cry, its first breath in the free air of capitalism, could not again be. That the pride in the heart of a creative genius must be smothered in its crib, was now the rule. And as the flicker of life faded in so many a bank an investment firm a chain of department stores so long gone that we must think hard to even remember their names, like an old brand of laundry detergent made by that big company, what was their name? Today the crusty old companies of decades ago wish to live forever, and they trip and dotter on their weak knees, their liver spots showing on their wrinkly idle hands. The corporations of today wish to live forever, but we are finding more and more of them blowing in the breeze along the business district gutter, a hollow shell unable to satisfy even the most basic need of their consumers, who today shout and wave their arms in dissatisfaction as if to say, we are way beyond not liking your products and services, your low wages and cut benefits, we are way beyond dissatisfaction, we are sick of the bad service you provide and we are anxious to meet the new owners



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