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Forum Post: Corporations now bribing not just congress...they just got the union too.

Posted 3 years ago on Oct. 23, 2018, 11:52 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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And another good paying (albeit stick before carrot) American job goes bye bye at UPS as their own Teamster union sides with UPS pushes through and ratifies a crap contract a majority voted down.

They are selling out the shareholders as well with this ruse. Because people making way more than 13 bucks an hour regularly quit the harrassing atmosphere UPS creates to "motivate" workers. Following workers in literal stakeouts in undercover vehicles with clipboards and cameras and baseball hats in order to "gig" them on not correctly holding a door handle or exiting the truck using marine like choreographed movements to shave seconds off followed by write ups which they use to threaten firing. (Ironically downsizing two well paid managers with hefty salaries driving around on company gas with coffees and clipboards would probably shave some actual fat from the budget.) All this has lead to 90 percent turnover rate as well as health problems from the severe stress . In the end UPS won't be able to deliver packages or shareholder returns because it takes a real salary to put up with this crap. As well as the quality of service will tank because the stick isn't the real motivation - it's the money. Well paid workers in this case meant well paid shareholders. The only motivating factor in this job was the money and benefits.

Not too many other employees these days have to wear depends to work or number two in a bag on the floor of a truck, or pee in bottles or the woods while their managers count the seconds outside the door. Yet workers performed and delivered with record productivity. Take away the income..see what happens.

This isnt a state union where people stand around looking at a hole in the ground...private unions are an entirely different species and these people arent part of the old boy network...they bust ass.

But just like shareholders...there has to be a return. And for the public? Don't count on the same reliability or standards which set UPS above Fed Ex.




The thing that is never mentioned here is...how much money did UPS pay Hoffa to sell out the hardworking union members he is supposed to represent? Is this akin to embezzling union funds? Is it not illegal for UPS to bribe Union leaders? Where is the investigation? 437,000 PAYING union members were sold to the company. This is far more people than Madoff made off on. Where is justice for the working man?

Apparently the company is already letting workers know this will be the case and threatening them with future contract terms of being sent home if they don't do whatever they want and work faster and longer even before this debauchery has gone into effect as well as bringing in workers who have already been trained ( in violation of contract terms).

Members have lost their right to work. They can and will be replaced by lower paid second tier workers in training (previous to this new contract it was impossible to train a replacement force with complicated difficult routes) and will eventually pave the way for subcontracting and an end to the union and all labor standards. Regular full time drivers could now become part time temporary with no benefits and told to go home as a punishment for not running faster and skipping lunch or taking a sick day or for any reason the company enjoys ( as the company apparently seems to be interpreting the contract) As far as those pensions Hoffa claims to fight so hard for...workers won't be around long enough to ever see them.

And it is suspected Hoffa is collecting his reward in Singapore where dark money frequently changes hands!!!???.

What also occurrs to me is that since these 437,000 workers are technically employed just given fewer hours, will they still show up as employed according to labor department statistics because there has not been an actual layoff?... They are keeping them as an on call force. They show up but may not have work.

Yet the media blackout persists. Where is the Labor Department? Justice Department? The end of unions is the end of first world working conditions. We must preserve unions. We must investigate Hoffa's and Taylor's accounts and compensations for selling out their investors ( those hardworking AMERICAN guys and gals in brown delivering your packages). We must ensure that corporations are held to account for bribing union leaders. We must ensure that corrupt union leaders face immediate and swift retribution for corrupt illegal activity which harms members and the reputation of all unions.

In the past UPS was unable to replace / outsource union drivers.... drivers need to be trained to do complicated routes, which on a mass scale was too difficult to implement without severe disruption to operations. Implementing a lower wage second tier workforce enables this process, which I imagine was drummed up by 'Chief Transformations Officer' Scott Price formerly of WalMart. WalMart has been able to avoid and crush union activity through staunch crushing reaction to throttle any and every attempt at worker unionization. Taking this model to UPS, Price knows what it takes to implement a subcontracted and lower wage workforce without interrupting business, and how to squash the union from the inside out. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Taylor pop up with a position in WalMart for undercutting the mouth that feeds him and his bold corruption costs him his current Teamster negotiator position. But instead he should go to prison. Why no investigation? Are his offshore accounts too hard to track? Good hard working Americans soon to be shoveled off to the unemployment line and replaced for $13 dollar an hour workers.

Meanwhile, ceo David Abney makes $7000 per hour as profits soared on the literal backs of the workers as deliveries expand and packages get bigger and heavier. As well as why are Walmart and Ups execs swimming in the same swamps? Perhaps weakening the nation's largest private union serves more than one agenda.

At any rate UPS is by reputation anti-worker Tom and Jerry routine... known to stress manage and harrass employees, steal wages, and on for what seems misguided ideas about motivation. ...They prefer a stick over carrot? ...which has created a Stanford Prison Experiment type of environment. So I doubt the second tier caste will stick around for the abuse at that wage. Ups has an over 90 percent turnover rate now even at good wages. And it is the reason despite "brown Friday hirings" they still couldn't even manage to deliver on time for Christmas without union wage drivers working 80 hour weeks ( but get paid for 70) to save the day when all the temps quit. So I think after all this, their plan is doomed to fail. And what will they be known for? Their anti- worker, anti- working class, and soon to be lax delivery services.

Add to that UPS you blew your chance for a great slogan. "Employed in America" or Upholding the America's Working Standards. Or Working Wages for Working Americans.

Do you know how many red hat wearing not to mention blue hat wearing people specifically go out of their way to buy American products and services and support workers? Could have squashed Fed Ex. But sadly zero innovation. Zero progressive thinking. Missed opportunity. Too caught in old habits. Rinse/ repeat.

Add to this Amazon WORKERS DEMAND UNIONS NOW...your coworkers in other countries are UNION and making more than you. They still have powerful unions charged with representing workers. Because the PEOPLE DEMAND it. They just had a multiple country STRIKE and Americans got duped by 15 bucks. Which gets you nothing close to the cost of living.

WALMART WORKERS unite and unionize. Show Scott Price he cant do what he wants to workers and now infiltrate the Teamsters to put a nail in the union coffin of not just workers at UPS but workers at WalMart and all across the US.



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

The War on Truckers continues.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Which Hoffa is it, the son, or the grandson? I remember that Jimmy Hoffa had disappeared decades ago. There was a Readers' Digest article about him in the 1970's, I think. If Jimmy Hoffa has come back, it may well be his Second Coming. Anyways, the workers' game is over even if it's just his son or grandson.

My Dad told me that German companies had a union representative on their board of directors unlike U.S. companies. That might have contributed greatly to the competitiveness of German companies because the workers had a voice and the power of the union. German workers' adherence to rules surprised some of us. After great effort and time the cavalry came to rescue them from dire strait. Then the clock struck the end-of-day and they booted out the cavalry with, "everybody out!" The battle had to be resumed on another day. Then there was the legendary traffic jam I was told about by a lady. She said that they synchronized their off-time so well and they all wanted to get to the hilly country which only had a single road that they got into miles of traffic jam going there and miles of traffic jam coming back. Maybe they did better in the long run by being able to shut work down completely and "vacation seriously;)" unlike the workaholic Japanese who had such long working hours that they had no time to be creative or imaginative so Japan's economy could not compete well in new endeavors in the long run.

Did the Nazis allow nudist sunbathing in Germany's high latitudes so that people there got more vitamin-D and could become less homocidally depressed? Has anyone seen Hitler sunbathing in the nude? When did the neighboring Danes become less warlike like their Viking forebears who were supposedly farmers from even higher latitudes? Did the Danes calm down after acquiring a taste for and actually eating more vitamin-D-rich sea foods such as mackerel and sardines? Could this quest for vitamin-D account for the high-latitude island or seacoast countries to have kill-and-eat-the-fatty-whales traditions because whales, dolphins, seals, etc. being fatty and higher up in the food web may have accumulated more vitamin-D?

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