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Forum Post: Corporations and (DEM establishment) Propoganda low blows Bernies

Posted 4 years ago on May 3, 2019, 8:16 a.m. EST by gsw (3406) from Woodbridge Township, NJ
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More corruptions of democracy by the fourth estate




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[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

How else are they gonna spin Biden as leading? Biden is toast - he's done - stick a fork in him already! The same people who refused to vote for sHillary are gonna refuse to vote for Biden! That's REALITY ! & is why more and more People are seriously beginning to distrust the media as well as the Dem party, it's why the Dem party gets almost as bad a rating with the Public as the GOP does.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Bernie or Biden?! Brainiac or Buffoon?!! How come Corp.Dems can't work it out?!!! See the following ...

https://truthout.org/articles/the-era-of-centrist-establishment-democrats-is-over/ and:

https://truthout.org/articles/nancy-pelosis-winning-strategy-is-to-appease-centrists/ and finally consider...


They call Bernie Sanders - the Senator from conservative Vermont, "a leftist" but all his major proposals to improve the USA economy’s fairness and productivity - have healthy majority support. So doesn’t that make Bernie Sanders the real "Centrist" & DNC's "centrists" actually the Neoliberal/Neocon RWingers?!

verum ex absurdo et e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

How ''Hedge Fund Billionaires Were The Democrats’ Main Bankrollers in 2018''by Donald Shaw:

radix omnium malorum - est cupiditas!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 month ago

"Pelosi Gets Hospital Lobbyists’ Award After Blocking Reforms"! - by Andrew Perez:

"The American Hospital Association feted the former House speaker for “advancing health care” following her years-long effort to obstruct Medicare for All."

anguis in herba!

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

As Bernie's campaign actually looks at reply e-mail. I sent:

You are right!

It's not enough "just" to defeat Trump (should he not be impeached by then)!

& Bernie is EXACTLY the right individual to have in the Oval office to fight for ALL of the change this country & the People NEED!


I truly Hope & Pray (along with millions of People) that Bernie "WILL BE ON THE PRESIDENTIAL TICKET FOR ALL OF US TO VOTE FOR" as just like in 2016 We (a significant portion of the Population) refuse to vote for Biden!


If the Dem establishment screws Bernie "AGAIN" (& thereby the People!) to try to shove Biden down our throats like they did in 2016 with sHillary! Bernie Had Best Be Set To Continue THIS TIME AS AN Ind Democrat! Bernie has done A LOT to re-energise the Dem Party = New members in office that are "like" Bernie such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & others who have won over "establishment" incumbent Dems to gain office in the mid-term elections.

Now is the time to go further in REHABILITATING Democracy! The Moneyed Establishment that runs the Democrat Party MUST be defeated in their trying to maintain control of the party and thereby maintain the status quo "which is NOT representing the Whole Population" but does cater heavily to the wealthy few (hence the Dem Party almost getting as bad a rating by the general public as the GOP). & THIS IS WHY BERNIE MUST BE ON THE PRESIDENTIAL TICKET FOR THE PUBLIC TO BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR HIM IN 2020! Even if it Means Running As An Ind Dem!