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Forum Post: Corporate Greed Testimonials

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 11:07 a.m. EST by dandydextrous (3) from Richmond, VA
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I have noticed that the media has chosen to represent this ongoing occupation of wall street as a endeavor that has no unifying cause. They are either not paying attention or they're too scared to say it out loud. Corporations own many aspects of our lives, they make decisions daily that effect the 99% and their all encompassing presence makes it more and more difficult to remember exact events that could lead up to mass reaction. If you think you're not touched by corporate malpractice.... you're wrong. I think people should start writing their stories about how corporations have specifically impacted their lives.

Here's a few ideas of different mass industries led by corporations if you're having a hard time thinking of them: FOOD, MEDIA, PHARMACEUTICALS, MILITARY, BANKING, FARMING, FILM, OIL, HOUSING, CLOTHING... the list could go on and on.

Tell your story and I'll tell mine.



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[-] 1 points by neo5apien (44) from Leesville, LA 6 years ago

Corporations have significantly impacted my life by providing me with a wonderful array of things to enjoy, and they keep getting better at it, coming out with new things all the time. I love corporations.

The problem is that they're so productive and efficient that they don't need everyone working in factories and whatnot 40 hours a week to make what society wants, so they lay off, fire, cut hours, etc. We have an immensly wealthy and productive society.

I think a combination of raising the minimum wage and lowering the overtime threshold would help a lot. Raising the min wage will cause more unemployment, but that's offset by more workers working fewer hours.

We need to re-unionize, and hold our unions to a high standard.

[-] 1 points by tolitobaracks77 (7) 6 years ago

Re Unionize indeed. Even some Unions need to be reinstated because of inside corruption. Vegas Hotel Workers Unions are a joke. Workers seriously need help here. Its sad when when the NLRB, Union, Congress and state let people get shafted on money earned and terminated by an abused at will doctrine. Plus unemployment works with the hotels to deny unemployment. Self paid bonuses and budget theft is rampant in Vegas. Workers are screaming. These CEO's are disgusting people I have observed time and time again. Kick backs, bribes, harassment and no respect for the worker!. Its all lie cheat and steal instead of running an honest business