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Forum Post: Constitutional Amendment concerning Corporate Influence in Politics

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 6, 2011, 7:11 p.m. EST by ColonelCato (19) from Utica, OH
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Those who engage in campaigning or any activity meant to achieve elected public office for themselves or others shall neither solicit nor receive funds, monies, credits, consideration or remuneration of any kind from any person, organization, nation, group, association, consortium, company, corporation, or any other organized body, who themselves are not, or contains members who are not naturalized Citizens of The United States or who are foreign nationals.

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[-] 1 points by daughterofliberty (5) 11 years ago

OK Col., if mine is too broad, What about lobbying and its effects on our representative republic after the campaign? wait I see , if they break the above law, they are one term public office holders, right?

see my new comment on Bank Nov. 5th day

[-] 1 points by daughterofliberty (5) 11 years ago

Col.. I think this is THE unifying theme. However, the ammendment isn't big and bold enough. After the grievences in 1776 we declared separation from England. How about an ammendment that will shake up the federal status quo...i.e. term limits and all laws that congress creates they have to abide by (no separate pensions , no helth care guarntee other than Medicare at 65 unless the people have that too). This would probably solve the Wall ST friendliness policies, if our legislators had to go back to living with the 99 percent and like the 99 percent, after 4 to 8 years.

Now for the best part...ratification of this constitutional ammendment to proceed through the STATES, not the congress!! See Article V, U.S. Constitution.

Lets do this, occupy wall street, we are in solidarity,

a daughterofliberty

[-] 1 points by ColonelCato (19) from Utica, OH 11 years ago

Amendments are best left concise and applicable to single issues. This single Amendment is not intended to solve all the issues. Other Amendments are required for the type of things you are listing but remember Amendments must specifically address the nature, limitation or structure of Government as the Constitution represents the Social Contract or in other words the Constitution is the Body of Law the Government must follow in the execution of its Authority.

[-] 1 points by HMSinnott (123) 11 years ago

Yes this is very similar with a proposal in www.getmoneyout.com, and I think it's an excellent idea, in face essential.