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Forum Post: Conservatives To Make Their Choice Soon!

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 14, 2011, 10:04 a.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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In less than one month now, Conservatism will send their brightest and their best to Iowa to make their selection of candidate for the highest office in The United States of America.

I have enjoyed the long and often seemingly tumultuous ride to this moment as I have watched all the Right Wing hopefuls do their best to defeat each other in one of the most entertaining if not inane debate series I have ever witnessed.

If the potential consequences of their final choice were not so frightening (They could win the Presidency, you know) I would still be rolling in the aisles at what some of them have said and/or proposed during these “Debates”. (And I use the word, “Debates” with tongue in cheek and trying to stifle my tendency to burst out in raucous laughter.).

Being a staunch Liberal Democrat, I have personally found this series of debates to be useful for one reason: They have pointed up to me the absolute lack of leadership potential in any of their “Candidates.”

The “Debates” have also reinforced my determination to continue to vote a straight Democrat ticket whenever I have the opportunity.

I have the opinion that these debates have done a lot to assure a Democrat victory in 2012. However, I do not want to appear too over confident because it is sometimes hard to read the mood of the American Electorate.

I have read that a lot of people do not study issues but, instead, get their political ideas from either their contemporaries, from others they talk to or from some propaganda source like Far Right Wing Extremest talk radio shows.

So, with the recession and the anger in America, some Conservative could squeak into the Presidency and that would be a total disaster for the nation as far as I am concerned

I think another round of Conservatism in control of The White House and The Congress would spell the beginning of the absolute end of all that we have known to be good about this great nation and would be the beginning of the worst era in our History it is almost possible for human beings to imagine.

Some prognosticators on the side of Conservatism have already begun to bellow about how they think Obama’s campaign is going to be based on the failure of the Free Market System (A given if interpreted in light of conservative ideas about what Free Market is supposed to mean) and the moral responsibilities of a government to it’s people.

Well, in my view, that is not such a horrendous campaign platform especially in light of all the Conservative obstructionism that has obviously brought such suffering upon the Middle Class and the lower wage earners and the threats it has posed to the security and safety of the Elderly and the promise that should be made to the Children and to our generations.

I think it is time for someone to challenge conservatism on moral grounds. Conservatism has been claiming the moral high ground for years now but in my opinion, they are now in the process of failing to live up to any of the “Values” they have crowed about for so long.

As I was watching the television program, “Hard Ball” last night, I heard Host Chris Matthews sum up what I interpreted as his views of the whole thing about Conservatism and it’s choice of presidential candidates and I am including that little presentation here.

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[-] 1 points by ModestCapitalist (2342) 10 years ago

Will it be the die-hard conservative partisan pig named after a reptile or the die-hard conservative partisan pig named after a glove?