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Forum Post: Conservatives Seek "Bold Solutions"!

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 6, 2012, 11:27 a.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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Posted by John Liming.

I love it whenever I hear or read that Conservatives are looking for what they sometimes call "Bold Solutions" To Rebuild The America They Love.

In my opinion, many of those "Bold Solutions" are nothing more than re-defined and contemporized versions of failed policies they have tried in the past. The same old song and dance about "Cutting Taxes On The Rich and cutting Social Safety Net Programs and Free and unregulated Business and Small Government" and all the rest of that tired old claptrap.

For example: I am hearing a lot of "Bold Solutions" rhetoric about how Conservatism thinks America should pursue Her Economic Policies. As I am listening to that rhetoric from the Right, I am remembering how those same policies, with polish and tweak but nothing much else were the same policies that set the stage for this current recession during the magical eras of Reaganomics and Bush- isms.

The "Trickle Down Economics" never quite trickled down, did they?

Anyway, what does a Conservative mean when he or she says things like, "Rebuild The America WE love?"

How about the America that the Liberals and the Democrats and the Progressives love? How about the America that the Independents and the non-committed love?

Why does everything always seem to be about "Them?"

What would the "America THEY Love" be like anyway? No Social Security to protect seniors in their declining years? No Medicare to help struggling people meet exponential medical expenses in times of economic distress? No public education system-- only religion-based propaganda mills that award facsimiles of diplomas for those willing to become obedient Far Reichtists?

Is it possible that if Conservatism were able to "Rebuild The America THEY Love" that people could look forward to earning their living by working hot, hard, dangerous and dirty jobs for 50 cents a day like in the good old days?

Why do I get the impression that American Conservatism believes that it is the "Be All and End All" of everything and that nothing or nobody else counts at all? Is that just me?

Conservatism is always yammering about their need to find a "Bold" Reagan Conservative to debate Obama and to defeat Obama.

Read More: http://www.thejeffersontree.com/conservatives-seek-bold-solutions/



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[-] -1 points by ronjj (-241) 6 years ago

"Is that just me?" Really, what an ironic question within your post.

What profilic writer couldn't write a biography about you from taking a topic from each paragraph you write and turning it into a chapter about YOU.

You hit almost all the areas of life from "religion" to "politics", "love" to "economics" and tell more about yourself than you do about any of the various topics you discuss.

Great meeting you, John, and learning more about you.

[-] -2 points by kellyhannah (-2) 6 years ago

The tree of liberty is absolutely under significant siege today from a gathering storm. Call it it Euro-socialism, democratic-socialism, Marxism, liberalism, or simply the policies of the Obama administration partnered with an ever-expansive government in Washington, in the end the storm has one name: utopianism.“Utopianism is not new...“ It has been repackaged countless times—since Plato and before. It is as old as tyranny itself. In democracies, its practitioners legislate without end. In America, law is piled upon law in contravention and contradiction of the governing law—the Constitution.”

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 6 years ago

Whatever you do, don't call it corporate fascism.