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Forum Post: Conservatives are 100% correct about Everything

Posted 9 years ago on Feb. 29, 2012, 11:20 a.m. EST by cubedemon (185)
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Bush and Cheney used negative inputs to achieve positive outcomes in the torture incidents at guantanamo bay. This means some conservatives are not as moral and they present themselves to be. Conservatives proclaim that our rights are inalienable. The truth is they are absolutely correct but with the added caveat that some rights are more inalienable than others.

The truth is American lives are more inalienable then a terrorists life. The truth is life is more inalienable then the pursuit of happiness and liberty. If this was not so all of us would be allowed to pursue and build a nuclear bomb. If life was truly not more inalienable than liberty or pursuit of happiness then all crime would be legal and a serial killer would be able to murder whom he pleases because it would be a violation of his liberty to stop him.

Is our rights inalienable? The conservatives are correct. Some are more inalienable than others.

Another thing is that the conservatives are right when they say none of us are entitled to anything. The word entitle means to mean given permission to have or to do something. Since the conservatives are correct in everything that they say this means it is true we are not entitled to commit murder and at the same time it is true that we are not entitled not to commit murder. Through de morgan's law this means that what they are saying is we are indeed entitled to commit murder and not commit murder at the same time.

In life, you have to earn everything you receive. If this is so, then I would have to earn the ability to choose whether I can commit murder or not. Since the conservatives are 100% by their standards I can't choose to commit or not commit murder since I am not entitled to choose and I have to earn the ability to choose. This is because I am entitled to nothing and I have to earn everything I receive in life.

My question is this. Did Bush or Cheney and those who tortured the prisoners at Camp Gitmo earned the ability to choose to torture or not torture? If they are not entitled to choose to commit murder or not to commit murder and they did not earn the ability to choose then how is it fair, noble, and proper to punish those who were not entitled to anything and has to earn everything they receive just like every human being that existed in the past, present and will exist in the future?



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