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Forum Post: Conservative US Politics Defined, Management By Exception, Citizen Control, Value War, Austerity Fraud

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 26, 2012, 6:54 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Compare & Contrast what US Citizens hold as Important Values to What US Congress hold as their Top Priorities.

Values US Congress Holds Important

1) Status Quo, not so much about bipartisan fighting, but about control over government, banking, and business processes.

2) Defense Spending, not so much out of need, but out of Economic Policy, defense industry growth, US Hubris, Superpower Identity, Growth of national Identity as a military nation, growth of defense Lobby & Influence, and plain old conflict of Interest. But don't over look the power and influence of our military insiders to influence congress and the executive office ...especially through the cabals & Think Tanks.

3) Economic Progress through Huge Corporations.

4) Value for Citizens to Prepare to work for Large Organizations and Corporations. It is not important that citizens pay expensive training costs or take on Extreme Debt in College. It actually shows that citizens are motivated to work when they buy houses, buy new cars, and take on college debt. The Institution of US Patriarchy wants to Control young workers through Debt and through indoctrination in corporate business culture.

5) Value of Citizen Control is a little more complicated. Much like the Germans, I feel that the US like a kind of order similar to military style order. This is how governments operate. And the Military style management of employees was adopted in the era of Industrial Revolution by Coporations. But the control over Information & the Press is a very old Institution. Propaganda maybe thousands of years old. In the USA Public Relations grew prior to 20th Century, and got a huge jump in funding in WWII. In many ways maybe we are still operating under rules from WWII if you look at Foreign Policy, CIA, Operation Gladio, Operation Mockingbird, Homeland Security, TSA, dumbing down by press and congress, financing of wars, US Military Global Bases, and the very narrow discussion of killing women & kids and destroying families, businesses, economics overseas.

6) Bottom Line, the Issues of Federal Spending never seem to touch defense spending which has Tripled since 1998. Federal Budget concerns are framed as conservative agenda items. But normally and since 1980 under Ronald Reagan's Economic Policy of defense spending ... Normally federal budgets hinge on Defense Spending and give-aways to corporations in Oil & Gas, agriculture, and Health & Drugs. IMHO, Conservative Agendas are bogus since they mainly are inside Deals for businesses. We know there is no Free Markets as banks still get subsidies in low insterst loans, there is no such thing as financial fraud, and No banks are allowed to be dissolved even if they caused proliferation of AAA rated derivatives and global melt down of financial markets.

7) Congress Values War. Values Defense Spending No Matter What Else Happens.

8) Management By Exception means congress sits on its ass until it has to do something.

Management Through Exception, This maybe a Key in Protesting & Activism. How did we end the Vietnam War? I think it was due to protesting becoming a problem for government. Nothing gets Fixed in the USA without first becoming a sqeeky wheel. OWS issues have to "Float to the Top" of Federal Government Issues.

So what Values to US Citzizens Hold that Contrast with the Powers That Be?

1) People know war is bad, destroys countries, and is to be avoided & Ended. Status Quo is not good enough when the Defense Budget runs half of the US Economy. And people dont want to give up the bill of rights, individual rights, and civil rights. People want government to listen to them, and want a government separate from coporations.

2) People know that Violence and Mass Killings are a sign of social stress or economic stress. US Citizens know that US people have been oppressed throughout our history. We know that people with money make decisions that hurt families, jobs, education, health, and the ability to enter or stay in the Middle Class.

3) People know that they have given up many Rights since 2001. They know the government has many agendas to follow with various treaties with Corporations, Cabals, Cartels, and International trade and Banking Institutions.

4) We have to go along to get along. We all live in an expensive system with many people that are disenfranchised. Millions of people have gone to jail, they are disenfranchised. If you don't have access to congress you are disenfranchised. If you can not protest, have no place to go to protest, if your protest is not in the National News, ... you are disenfranchised. But everyone is not a like in the USA, ...Yet. You may feel disenfranchised because of race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or through handicap or illness. Perhaps you just can't access normal health care because you have a pre-existing disease. People Value feeling part of the system.

5) People don't value Lobbying, Foreign Lobbying, Corporate Lobbying, and all manner of gift giving to congressmen. People don't want to feel trapped by corporations and corporate jobs. People don't like feeling that corporations write laws and can change the basis of our country through laws and through obvious attacks on the US Constitution.

6) Conservative Values start with Love, Peace, & Understanding. These used to be Christian Values. They are Values held by most religions. But US COngress doesn't hold these values. Congress Values Foreign Adventures with our military & War in all its forms and shades.

7) Conservative Values have to embrace all people through Equality, Respect, and police that won't break Constitutional & Civil Rights. People are not animals. No government has the right to prevent people from self-determination, individualism, and self-actualization. People need to be treated like adults capable of determining their own future. Sometimes this is going to mean free health care - especially in the area of mental health issues, mental health screening, psychiatric testing, and treatment of addictions.

8) Small businesses must be able to thrive and prevail against monopolies, oligopolies, and huge corporations with subsidies, tax deals, public private partnerships, federal contracts, and low interest loans and credit guarenteed by the government. This used to be Anti-Trust Law in the USA. Now seems Wall Street Banks write all the rules and have inside influence in Washington DC ... Like when Citibank Merged with AIG.

9) Value Social Safety Net Programs. We have A Mixed Economy, Capitalism with Socialism & Corporate Welfare. People don't believe corporations are people, but we are a kind of socialist government. Besides Medicare, Social Security, & Unemployment Insurance are Trust funds with Revenue Streams that pay for themselves.

10) Clearly the government hasn't enforced Financial & Security Laws & Regulations. If we Examine the Current Economy and Wage Supression ... wouldn't we want to see if enforcing Anti-Trust Laws, Financial Laws, and Depression Era Financial Reforms can bring the Economy and Wages back ...before taking away Rights. Half of all jobs or households now directly or indirectly are connected to defense jobs. Seems out of balance that USA has become a Lawless Financial Behemoth and a Lawless Defense Behemoth. I think "US People Know This".

11) Banks & the Federal Government are Wrong about Austerity. Americans know the history of the Depression. FDR created jobs and 100% employment and it worked. Depression Lessons are a gold mine. Governments today are larger than any ever imaged... or at least the USA is. Money flows through our US economy at a certain velocity. When money flow slows down you get austerity. There doesn't seem to be any industrial boom right now, we have stagflation or recession at best. Wages are declining. The US Needs Investment in technology and in creating Jobs. And not in defense or homeland security. Everyone knows these things in general. Banks are always willing to drive people into the ground while they figure out how to profit. Clearly congress is in the banks pockets... and congress learned in the Savings & Loan Scandal never to call a major contributor up to testify.



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