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Forum Post: Conservatism Can Increase Poverty And Destroy America!

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 3, 2012, 10:29 a.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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by John Liming

The caption underneath this picture says that it is a construction workers’ shack on government property and that twelve men were housed in it and took their meals there also. This shack was located in Alexandria, Louisiana during the Great Depression Era. Take a long hard look at it, folks, because this was a scene from that Great Depression caused by the Conservative excesses and recklessness of The Hoover Administration. The Great Depression was as much a legacy of Conservatism as The Great Recession of today is.

I am personally terrified that if Conservatism gets it’s grubby mitts on too much power and control over our Economy and our lives we will live to see the return of such horrifically deprived days for the Middle and lower classes—and, perhaps, far worse! In many ways, it is already beginning!

Even at this moment, we see great numbers of American Citizens and others all around the world sounding the alarm through what has become to be called the “Occupy Wall Street” Movements.

If Republicans get their way, we will see massive government spending cuts that will lead to hard times for everybody but the richest of us. We will see ignorance, hunger, poverty and despair on a scale never imagined in the mind of Mankind and the future for millions of Americans will either evaporate entirely or become so dark that no end will be able to be seen through the tunnel of uncertainty that will surely be created.

Those “Jobs Creators” that Conservatism has been bragging about haven’t done their work. They have created no appreciable number of jobs on American soil. They have created plenty of jobs for shipment overseas, but there is little or nothing from which the average American Worker can choose. The “Jobs” that the “Job Creators” have left for our Labor Force on American soil are little more than minimum-wage, no-benefits things that would hardly sustain anybody, much less allow indulgence in a piece of the American Pie.

If you think Poverty and Need are big now folks, just let Conservatism get another choke hold on the government and you will see what the awful face of poverty really looks like– and there will be no helping hands because Conservatism does not believe in helping the needy. I am convinced that a Conservative-Dominated Government would eliminate government programs to help the down and out just as quickly as the poverty rate rises and that would spell absolute disaster for millions of Americans who are already struggling from day to day.

We already have kids who have spent more than half their lives in poverty but even in spite of that, we have a majority of House lawmakers who want to make conditions even worse. If some of the austerity proposals that have been bandied about in Congress get passed into law, food assistance, medical care, education for poor kids, nutritional help for the needy, the needs of the elderly–all these things will become more and more desperate as the budget whackers go about the business of taking the crumbs out of the mouths of the poor to fatten the bellies of the already obscenely rich.

Imagine the horror that can prevail as disease increases, hunger becomes commonplace and people cannot afford the medical care or the medicines they need for nothing more than essential survival. This will definitely be the legacy of Conservatism if the current level of austerity thinking continues and if it somehow gets made into the law of the land by some of the callous, the indifferent, the unthinking retards who hold up the banner of “Christian Conservatism” as the wave of the future for America.

According to some estimates, if some of the plans being considered in Congress go into effect, as many as Eight Million (8,000,000) people would be forced off the Food Stamp Program and that would end up costing the affected families an additional $147 a month—money which most of them probably do not have and haven’t a Peck’s chance in Hell of ever getting. The worst part of this scene from Hades is that half the people involved in the loss of the food stamps would be children. In my view, children do not need to be treated that way by Conservatives or anyone else. These draconian measures being promoted and touted by Conservatism in Congress have the power to starve people into such submission that lifetime poverty could become their only hope of a future.

More horror stories tell us that if Conservatism gets all the cuts it wants...

Read More: http://www.thejeffersontree.com/conservatism-can-increase-poverty-and-destroy-america/



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[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Aw, C'mon. That was Barney Franks fault too, doncha know.

Is there nothing these (R)s will not do, too help their masters?

[-] 1 points by Menton (26) from New York, NY 6 years ago

Agree. Thank you. Suggest the word "government" be replaced by the words "public sector". Fox Media asks their employees to use the word "government" and NOT use "public sector" We the citizens of the U.S. own the public sector and can do great things with it to benefit all citizens.

(There is nothing wrong with private enterprise and it contributes greatly to the U.S. economy ....but corporate control / 1% over the national agenda is very dangerous.)