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Forum Post: Common Sense; Written by a Patriot. (Please spread far and wide)

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 1:45 p.m. EST by md16 (0)
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President Barack Obama,

Usually I would reserve the title "Mr." for a person of such a high office, but I am beginning to doubt whether you are a human at all. Rather, it seems to me, that you are a grotesque beast, multi-headed, spewing excrement from each mouth, a true political machine. I am sorry that I gave my support, my vote, to you in the last election, and hope deeply that your serpent tongue will be rent and dissected before the upcoming one. I am ashamed to call a being of such hypocrisy, "President," my leader.

I suppose I should explain my disposition, the reasons I have spoken with such foul words. You talked about our country's economic crisis and the growing disparity between lower and upper classes in a recent Kansas speech, but I had to laugh. Equality, you said, must be sought, opportunity must be available for all. But do you believe it? How can I trust that someone that continued Bush's bailouts of the corporate feudal system, the exact system that created the disparities you mentioned, himself believes in equality?

And are we to believe that these socialist tactics you implore are to allow anything more than what they've exhibited in the past? Sure, they pulled us out of the past depression, but obviously it was temporary, for we are now in that position again. These socialist policies breed inequality, they crush true opportunity. Take welfare for example. We are taxed to provide the less fortunate with a plate of food, yet a large portion of these people choose to spend this reward on cheaper products such as potato chips, microwavable meals, and other unhealthy processed items. Then they are pushed into the healthcare system they are provided when they have a heart attack or gain a food-related illness. Where is the justice or equality in that? And where is the opportunity? Who would want to come away from this system when it treats them like a baby, providing everything necessary? The system does nothing less than encourage individuals to breed for a larger paycheck because there is no way out, and in a world that is already packed full, near its breaking point, soon unable to provide sustenance for those who inhabit it. It is a vicious and endless cycle. No one should go hungry, that is for certain, but our system is broke.

As for the quasi-facist "too big to fail" economic policies your reign has backed so adamantly, how can anything in a free market be thus? The aim of the system is to allow companies to fail when they are overrun, when they attempt to reach too far and take too much, when they make poor fiscal decisions. There are always smaller companies eager to eat up their business, a perfect way to create jobs. Why, if you are for equality and opportunity, do you insist these companies have a right to exist, to continue stealing our money, to continue making bad decisions? Why, if you are for justice and fairness, do you allow the CEO of GE, Jeffery Immelt, sit in your cabinet, or allow your wife, Michelle, to endorse corporate Walmart in its business endeavors? It is a contradiction you have spoken, a true political tactic.

And in a move to secure your position as President for another term, you attack the Republicans as wanting individuals to fend for themselves. This may be true for some, we citizens don't have a great selection this election period, but there are a select few who uphold the ideology that this country was founded upon. Not that people should fend for themselves, but that the government should be limited so that we the people have power over it, rather than it having power over us. Our Republic should strive for strengthened local governments which operate in solidarity together, overseen by the extremely limited central government. This is the aim of the constitution, this ensures that every person has a voice, this is the best equality, this is how opportunity would grow exponentially. As for government, this is true for business too. Anytime something becomes centralized or monopolized, there is less need for manpower and a hierarchy naturally occurs. The stronger local business and government thrives, the stronger our country will become, providing opportunity and equality across the board; people caring for people, the closest to democracy we have ever been.

Our parents' generation may have been blinded, swept away by these strange lies and contradictions, they may have sat idly by while the power of the artificial persons of government and corporation have grown near-absolute, near-immortal, but we, the people, the idealists, the new generation, are tired, yet not tireless. We will slay these dragons that have laid our lands bare, that have stripped us of all we have, and now sit on their hordes happy and content while the world around slips into decay. Though you speak well, and set forth good ideas here and there, your actions are louder than your words. We will heed these first, and not fall into ignorance, charmed by your honeyed tongue. Your record of inconsistency and failed promises will shine bright in the months to come.



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[-] 0 points by ARod1993 (2420) 12 years ago

States' rights as you push for will not work. Local governments might be able to successfully handle a great deal of autonomy, but honestly speaking state governments have a penchant for inertia, corruption, and general incompetence that most supporters of hardcore states' rights either aren't familiar with or would prefer to gloss over. Let me give you a few case studies to illustrate what I mean:

New York (my home state) has had three state senators arrested by the FBI on corruption charges (including money laundering) in four months, and a state assemblyman arrested twice in less than a year for similar charges. We also had a state legislator who figured it was cool to beat his wife and then cover for it and Paterson trying to squelch one of his aides over a sexual assault incident, and that's just the stuff over which charges have been brought. Hell, we even sent Spitzer up to Albany to clean things up only to see him booted right back down because he couldn't keep it in his damn pants.

The Empire State is hardly alone; New Jersey's been a mess for God only knows how long. Just Google Operation Bid Rig and you'll see exactly what I mean; 44 people, many of them elected state officials, wound up getting hauled into court (and in many cases convicted) of crap that's not just beyond corrupt but also just plain stupid. On top of all this it's coming out that Jon Corzine's getting raked over the coals over about a billion dollars in missing funds from a hedge fund he ran.

And now I'd like to invite any smug Republicans blaming these debacles on the inherent corruptibility of liberals rather than the dysfunctionality of state governments to fly over eastern North Carolina, home to an unbelievable volume of pig crap (quite literally). Essentially most of eastern North Carolina stinks to high heaven because of hundreds of millions of gallons of pig crap from factory farms is being let to marinate in open-air lagoons and/or sprayed into the air as an aerosol. It's actually gotten to the point of ruining something like nine or ten waterways and causing China-esque air quality problems. North Carolina's only beginning to attack the problem now and it's so little so late that who knows if it'll work?

Finally, who can forget Texas? It's home to (among other things) a completely toothless home contractor fraud regulatory board that charges massive fees to investigate fraud, has no power whatsoever, was created at the behest of one of the worst offenders, and is generally staffed by the buddies of said offenders. What really takes the cake, though, is the leaky nuclear waste dump in Andrews County that happens to be sitting on the aquifer that provides drinking water to seven different states.

My point here is that for every outrageous incident of corruption in DC I can pick fifty or sixty from the various state capitals, and I'd rather worry about cleaning one house with 536 people in it than fifty with different traditions and procedures and God only knows how many different officials. Wouldn't you?