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Forum Post: Come to isabel marant online shop for cheap isabel marant sneakers

Posted 8 years ago on July 11, 2012, 2:16 a.m. EST by Leonie (0)
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It was lovely hearing what your ideas about shopping are. Maybe I'll do more talkative posts in the future. You're all wonderful.

My first investment purchase has been these Isabel Marant 'dicker' boots( http://www.isabelmarant.uk.com/isabel-marant-dicker-boots ). My intention isn't to suddenly start buying loads of really expensive things , but thinking I'd never find a pair of these boots in the first place, I half-heartedly phoned every Isabel Marant ( http://www.isabelmarant.uk.com/ )stockist in the UK and they all put me on waiting lists, but the last boutique I rang had one pair left. I couldn't let these babies pass me by.

No regrets either - they fit like a glove and will go with everything I wear. The colour couldn't be better either. My parents went halves with me for my up-coming 18th birthday which was very kind. The girl at the boutique I got them from said they might be the last pair in the UK, but I think she was just being nice. In any event, I got very lucky and I think Isabel Marant 'dicker' boots( http://www.isabelmarant.uk.com/product/isabel-marant-suede-ankle-grey-dicker-short-boots ) were meant to be!



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