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Forum Post: Come get into bed with us, @Revplay "Who are you in bed with" #inbedwith

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 10, 2012, 9:11 a.m. EST by NEREphotography (0)
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Looking to play a game, join in with us on our game.. Check out the tumblr and express yourself and your revolution through games.


Join us for the promo of our game and teach-in at Saturdays Occupy Town Square - Teach in will be around 4 inside the church

Revgames is a way for people to combine revolution and game play to break down barriers that normally exist around fear of speaking out. Revgames is about standing up against the larger corporations, local government and politicians in a none threating and non-violent way. Revgames looks to engage people to share, play and express themselves In fun and creative ways, shareing these games with others and building on games to push boundaries. This is the launch of our newest game, "bed-in" play inside or outside, set up a bed stage and create performances and raise questions.

Bed-In, Bed-Out, Revolution All About! February 14th Launches new OWS Game-Campaign asking: WHO ARE YOU IN BED WITH?

RevPlay | Washington Square Park | Valentine’s Day, Tuesday,

February 14th 11am Inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous 1969 Bed-In, Occupy Wall Street supporters #RevPlay launch their newest campaign-game, urging people everywhere to ask Who Are You in Bed With? On February 14th, we reclaim Valentine’s Day as an invitation for peaceful revolution: love over money, staging a Bed-Out in the public square, open to all to get in the bed, bringing the conversations that happen behind closed doors, out into the open. Politicians: Who are you in bed with? Government: Who are you in bed with? The game can be played by anyone, anywhere. As with the successful

glamarchy campaign (glitter-bombing Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney)

participants are invited to document their play at http://whoareyouinbedwith.tumblr.com/ HOW TO PLAY:

  1. Get in Bed
  2. Stay in Bed
  3. Action: Who are you #inbedwith? #inbedwith loved ones? #inbedwith puppets? #inbedwith evil corporations and fat cats? #inbedwith The 99%? #inbedwith... bedbugs? Let us know through signs, movies, photos, riddles...
  4. Document and SUBMIT thru submit button below
  5. Follow us on twitter at @revplay for the latest actions including F14/Vday
  6. Have fun!
  7. Good luck! Kickoff #F14 until #M14 wrap up. This last date is a celebration, as is the VDAY one. This game is an open invitation for all to #playtogether, ie, all other occupations and people accross the planet are invited to play, and we have infrastructure to attempt the feat. All you gotta do is follow the simple rules on the Tumblr! Contact Information Website: http://whoareyouinbedwith.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whoareyouinbedwith?sk=wall Twitter: @RevPlay #inbedwith

Location Washington Square Park? on Feb 14, roving from there. Dates and Times Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 11am - Launch Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - Closing Party Time tbd



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