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Forum Post: Coast to Coast March Converstaion

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 15, 2011, 6:41 p.m. EST by LoveIsAll (24)
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What are the consensus of occupywallst.org and occupytogether.org of a walk from San Francisco or Santa Rosa, CA to Liberty Square. Organized by means of internet communication? Building solidarity and number of people to cause, media attention, larger picture consciousness? would it be helpful? What dates would be most beneficial to the movement?

Nothing has been organized, I speak for myself, depending on agreement with OWS would the procedures to alert, and request for consent by other OWS movements and create the coast to coast march would initiate. good idea? mediocre idea? you can't hurt my feelings, we are all together in this cause :) Thank you for your courage, determination. My support in anyway I can for the Movement and the People. Long Live All!



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[-] 2 points by ericdesmond9 (2) from Aurora, OR 12 years ago

I think this is a brilliant idea.

[-] 1 points by TimeHasC0me (66) 12 years ago

The only way you, OWS, all will make a difference is if you affect the day to day operation or flow of life, commerce, and or government. As i once witnessed in France, their government wanted to raise fines, tolls, taxes, etc. on all commercial truck drivers and trucking companies. What happened next was amazing. All French trucking companies and drivers criss crossed their trucks across all major highways in their country, completely blocking and disabling the transportation of all goods throughout the country. This lasted for about a week or less, until the government backed down and reversed its decision. It worked because it takes a protest of this scale to affect change. Occupying a park, although symbolic, will never ever ever do anything to change how disgustingly our government and the rich control all our lives, and continue to make the rich richer. You need to regroup, and i mean regroup all OWS protesters from across the country to a few very large simultaneous protests because small groups here and there won't really make a statement and can be easily intimidated and disbanded by authorities. You need a board of smart leaders that can effectively communicate a set of real smart ideas and demands and better organize the movement. You need to continue to use social media as a way to communicate as they did in the middle east to oust their dictators. But most of all you need to make one massive statement by protesting and affecting the day to day operation or flow of life, commerce, and or government. It will be the only way that you will get the govt and the rich to stop.......turn around......and stare in awe at the EPIC scale of the movement before them, and realize that the time has come, and that We The People have officially drawn the line in the sand, and are no longer willing to play their game any longer. IT IS THE ONLY WAY. Thank you.