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Forum Post: C'mon People Lets See What You Got

Posted 3 years ago on June 22, 2014, 12:53 p.m. EST by Robert25 (-7)
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Yes, I know unemployment, healthcare, climate change, racisim, corrupt bankers, politicians etc etc etc.

But are we really going to sit by and be drawn back in to Iraq? How deep does this organization reach. Please a simple petition. One thing that should be like shooting fish in a barrel. If not shut the web-site down and go home.



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[-] 2 points by wickerman (62) 3 years ago

Petitions only serve to make the signers of them feel like they have done something. Those petitions have no legal weight, and are, for the most part a waste of time. Have you any idea how many signatures were sent into DC during the healthcare debate? Yet here we sit saddled with a healthcare reform law that did little more than make money for the insurance companies.

[-] 0 points by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY 3 years ago

Hm.Shall we resume a liplock with The Tarbaby-or might we perhaps decide not to? Perhaps a 16 trillion dollar sea of red ink might cause a problem with pumping up the political support for a re-engagement in Iraq.The big banks in Europe are insolventAs are American banks.Any kind of stress might cause a collapse.Throwing good money after bad is stupid-but the stupidity of a policy might not actually stop it from being implemented.Absent some "catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor." I f there starts up any serious sabre rattling,I think we will see very stiff resistance to a revisit to Iraq-resistance which would include #OWS.We can't really fail to oppose another Iraq Adventure until it is proposed,which does not seem to have happened yet.So can #OWS keep its websites open at least until it fails to stop the next rush to war?Because of course,failure to derail the MIC would require a severe punishment such as the one you have suggested-closing our websites.Any other ideas?

[-] -2 points by Robert25 (-7) 3 years ago

Yes, name something that has changed with our government, the economy our system as a result of direct impact by OWS or the postings on this site. Why don't you research that. This should keep you busy for a few years. Get back to us soon. TX

[-] 3 points by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY 3 years ago

OWS responded correctly and in a timely manner to Hurricane Sandy.If you were not personally helped by #OWS activists at that time,I suppose you would be ok with dumping on #OWS activists made a huge difference in the lives of whole neighborhoods of people who were just abandonned or ignored by NGO and gov't bureauocracies.

[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 3 years ago

so the government is unresponsive ?

[-] 1 points by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY 3 years ago

As I recall,there were widespread complaints from citizens in the worst affected areas in places like Staten Island,Queens,Long Island and the Jersey Shore.Many people did not see any actual sign of FEMA or the Red Cross for a month.Even after aid workers from those organisations finally did appear,they gave people who asked them for immediate help the brush-off.I don't recall picking up any comments about the first responders from the insurance companies,but later on policyholders complained about unresonable delays on their claims.I'm sure there are plenty of people in NY and NJ who got no emergency help at all from any organisation besides #OWS for 6-8 weeks.Citizens praised both #OWS and the Salvation Army for their quick and effective response to distressed people after the storm.FEMA was faulted for lack of preparedness and delayed response;The Red Cross was described as late,totally unresponsive and not effective if present on the site of the worst affected areas.Thousands of homes and apartment buildings were totally flooded out along with roads,electrical grid physical plant and local,state and government buildings.