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Forum Post: Citigroup Inc Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 4-17-2012 Proxy Vote Meeting Hilton Anatole Dallas, TX 75207

Posted 6 years ago on March 29, 2012, 6:12 a.m. EST by Shanan (0)
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One of the reasons the 1% keep slipping through the cracks is because nobody votes on the ridiculous proposals or Votes based on the Recommendations of the Perpetrators. Example, The BOARD recommends you vote AGAINST 5. Stockholder proposal requesting a report on prior governmental service of certain individuals. (Really, who are the individuals, I want to know?) It must be the Board of Directors recommendations that you vote FOR them? They most likely have a clause that when 82% of idiots do not vote, they get a YES by default? If I am wrong, please clue me in. 6. Stockholders proposal requesting a report on lobbying and political contributions. (Yes, they do not want that going public) 7. Stockholders proposal requesting that executives retain 25% of their stock for one year following termination. (Please, do not let me comment) 8. Stockholder proposal requesting that the Audit Committee conduct an independent review and report on controls related to loans, foreclosures, and securitizations. (WTF is a SECURITIATION? MY SPELL CHECK DOES NOT KNOW!!!) Slimy Slimy CITIGROUP INC, DBA MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY!!!



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