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Forum Post: China's Retiring Gloom

Posted 1 year ago on July 25, 2020, 11:42 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Redfuckgina was stealing timber from Russia so Russia monitored my peeping around, regarding climate change, in Siberia--Americans generally don't want to haul all that faraway heavy timber to continental U.S. in North America as we have already bought Alaska from Russia as "Seward's Icebox," and our lower-48 states' timber is available and more easily accessible to our population centers.

I prefer to eat Alaska wild-caught salmon and also leave some for posterity rather than have more copper and gold mining there which will end once the ores are gone and the streams have been polluted. Colorado still has many closed mines and tailing piles from many decades or a century ago--no one had cleaned them up so they just leached and leach next to lonely 1918-1919 ¿flu-pandemic-deaths'? graveyards on windswept mountaintop.

Pigsty built high-up next to a stream makes no sense except for the greedy rutting hogs. Redfuckgina will probably dump the copper plumbing of their ghost cities on the market as copper is far more valuable than the timber stolen from Russia's largely unguarded Siberia. The ghost cities will become abandoned by the owners as the Collapse happens because Demographics points towards Destiny, aside from any large-scale immigration but that may doom the culture. Any owner who can't afford to live now in their real estate in ghost cities will unlikely be able to live there once they have retired with often-diminished incomes. Redfuckgina's demographics points towards a huge cohort of retirees forming soon so its economy will undoubtedly shrink. Its Lukewarm War against its largest customer, the U.S.A., can only accelerate the shrinkage rate.

As for gold, I don't consider it real wealth by moving it from a hole in the earth to a fancier hole in a different place in the earth. If it were real wealth, Mexico would be far wealthier than the U.S.A. It had gold, silver, precious stones, etc. The U.S. had a lot of topsoil and dirt in a temperate climate and that was the real wealth, if provided with human toil. The U.S. has no gold, no silver, etc. east of the Mississippi River, and a little bit of diamond in Arkansas. Then there was gold discovered in California and it attracted the westward expansion of the U.S. population. Still there is much wilderness ( some with lots of trees such as in the Pacific Northwest,) in the West between the two coasts.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

China will go from its current adolescent hormonal outbursts straight to senescence. It's more difficult to cross "the street," such as Shatin Pass Road, to visit my spiritual godfather's Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple nowadays than a few months ago, isn't it? Don't trip..over the bodies.

AВВА, Mmm-ma: after having anchored the UFO solidly into the springwater-fed ground near the end of a landing strip of the proto-Kai-Tak airport, I give away my [jade] zero-shaped stone coin on this date for the mourning of the deaths!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23590) 1 year ago

China is the oldest continuing civilization in human history. Far from adolescent!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

The Chinese Communist Party is in control in China. Its control started in 1949, about 70 years ago ( far from being an adult, on a nationhood scale.) It wiped out much of the ancient Chinese civilization in its 1960s Cultural [D]evolution so that Mao could regain power by politicizing and purging after his catastrophic "Great Leap Forward" which actually created the Great Famine killing at least tens of millions of Chinese ( it's order of magnitude more than the Holocaust but rarely known or even allowed to be mentioned due to the CCP's suppression and cover-up for many decades.)

How else did Xi Jinping come to live in a cave but for the power-crazed mass-murdering Mao?

I don't have problem with China but there's a huge difference between the CCP and China. If you think deeply about why the CCP craves so much about controlling Hong Kong and conquering Taiwan, it's because the CCP which stemmed from an absolutely non-Chinese source Karl Marx via brutal Stalin, cannot allow Chinese culture to retake China because CCP lacks legitimacy and tries to maintain a single-party dictatorship. As a vampire bat, the CCP cannot survive without sucking Chinese blood. CCP is not China and China is not CCP but CCP always propagandizes that CCP is China. Anti-CCP is forcibly changed to anti-China. Many mainland Chinese are CCP-braineaten zombies ( even including the ones who are brainiacs in subjects other than politics--it's hush, hush for fear of the CCP's reprisals should any taboo [political] subject be broached; basically, it's a "We all know but we would rather not get into any troubles talking about them."--much like how Yahoo is being censored these days and was spied upon in the days past. )

Steve Bannon knows better than I can explain because he had actually interacted with the mainland Chinese and lived there. I was born in Hong Kong and lived there on the schizophrenic ( it's deeply Chinese but definitely not Chinese with much foreign influence from the British and the Americans ) fringe of mainland China so I can't claim that I've been to the maw of the Dragon which crunched its "Pearl of the Orient"--Hong Kong. My cultural heritage is Chinese, British, possibly Danes' { Germany at times bullied and annexed parts of Denmark much like what Red China is doing to Hong Kong so are Hongkongers Red Chinese then? Possibly } and/or Germans' from Grandpa; Chinese, British ( including India and Australia,) American, and Japanese from Dad--who was a Nipponophile, I believe, as was much of his conquering cohort occupying and rebuilding Japan ( fundamentally starting with imposing its new pacifist constitution to defang its by-then-traditional militaristic propensity for aggression without restraints; "a sharp sword must come with its scabbard" but Japan split apart its prepuce in its adolescent hormones - and shame-driven erection to fuck the Whites-dominated World which then included China--much as the ancient Romans respected and craved for Greek culture but couldn't mentally grasp even for centuries afterwards the brilliance of Archimedes who drew figures in the sand so they simply killed him.) I'm basically a cultural "Bastard" arising from the rapes between the British and the Chinese Empires and chose to be an American instead, in line with my Dad's Enlightenment after his having been bounced around the entire world like a pinball, escaping, escaping, escaping, and taking a stand: peace might have to be fought for finally in a total ( CCP wages this on the U.S. on all fronts aside from the direct kinetic-kill front ) war and won. War went nuclear and also cannibalistic for Dad's cohort ( Japanese military ate bodily parts of the prisoners of the Pacific War; Hong Kong also had human-flesh dumplings { we can call them long-pigs'-meat dumplings, following cannibal tribes' naming conventions } for sale, recycling [starved-to-death, weak, or often female] humans, due to the very harsh Japanese military rule at that time; you may very well understand why a young Japanese woman stuck alone after Pearl-Harbor attack and British tactical retreat/abandonment/defeat in the predominantly Chinese-populated Hong Kong needed manly [then mostly "wartime-"Nationalist] Chinese protection to pass as either Japanese or Chinese appropriately, as what an occasion called for--hydrophilic-and-hydrophobic-in-two-ends-on-one-molecule "soap" was necessary for survival and solving problems in the British/Chinese territories under Imperial Japanese military occupation; a durable holding-it-all-together-until-the-war's-end linkage was really what most civilians were hoping for ) while conquering Imperial Japan. We manufacture peace ( hopefully for all.) The brand name is Pax Americana.

Over the years of the Cultural Devolution, there were literally hundreds or perhaps even thousands of floating rotting bloated human corpses bobbing over to Hong Kong's beautiful beaches ( this beach which I liked as a kid is less likely to float up a "salted fish" ) and shores or being fished out of the seawater by fishermen and boaters. These were the executed political dissidents { with special knots tied in their backs from behind } or the Chinese "yearning to breathe free" of the poisoned Mother's milk but failed in their quest { e.g. tied to a wooden plank for flotation but otherwise unbound } to escape from the ironically called "Mother"land. Corpses soaked in seawater got the Hongkongers' euphemism "salted fish." Yikes !

I had probably seen ( and imagined ) far more than I should have as a child--there were roadside bombs and huge Red political banners hung near and in my neighborhood, only to see the police and bomb squad taking them down and detonating them in a soccer field. There were street confrontations between the police and presumed strikers, down a major road, and clouds of tear gas afterwards. Rows of British troops ¿surrounded? ( I didn't see the other sides but there might well have been troops posted near fire or back exits ) and pointed their rifles up high at a building as the police conducted a raid to arrest the people holed up inside. I remember being taught, "Don't kick the so-called pineapple cans on the sides of the road because they may explode as bombs," so I controlled my urge to kick despite my being a soccer player. "Don't kick the can down the road," when one's going to and from school and the public library.

Coastal mainland China started becoming modern in many ways ( but not politically ) only in the 1980s so it's only 40 years old ( far from being a modern adult nation,) being an adolescent getting the pains splitting up his overly tight prepuce in a strained erection while fucking the World.

In order to distinguish the real China embedded in Hong Kong and Taiwan's culture, I use Red China due to its nature's being psychologically oriented towards aggression. In line with how we had named Ebola hemorrhagic fever after the Ebola River, we should now name COVID-19 as Yangtze after the Yangtze River. CCP weaponized Yangtze and the U.S. politicized Yangtze. "Let Them { i.e. the whole world } Eat COVID-19" thus came to pass. Kentucky selected and sent hillbillies of Moscow "make God heterosexual by offering up golden onion-shaped or gingerbread-candied domes" fame to Con-Ursa Major.