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Forum Post: Chapter 19 1/2, #candicehairbook

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 25, 2012, 10:24 a.m. EST by globaldreamer (6)
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Chapter 19 Woke up mad early this morning, before 8am.

Don't remember last time this occurred. I was deep in a waking dream, of a way to reamp Occupy Wall St., since I've been posting in their forum and such, realizing that they are still stuck in the spokes of the system, trying to fight it but pretty much unable to being that they are within it and following it's rules, in a way that is deductive.

Meaning on it's terms. Gotta establish your own terms when doing revolutionary activity, me thinks this defines a revolution.

Anyhow my thoughts being, fight the authority with "soft violence" type action, like for example - declare a protest, and noone show up - where is everyone?- they are painting (not permanent, or destructive, could be tempera) on bank's windows, slogans, imagery, smilyfaces, hearts and daggers, whathaveyou. Citywide.

And on a more organized level, water grenades and special ops paintball gun attacks on the police. We could integrate veteran revolutionists, there must be lots of vets that are disgruntled and have an insiders view of the bullshit, that can form elite special ops covert units to ambush, engage and thwart police mobile units thoughout the city.

There can be "terrorist training cells and units, guerilla warfare training camps upstate". Up the anty, up the stakes, up yours, popo!

Satirical mayhem and chaos should shake the foundations of our societal slumber!



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[-] 1 points by gabzgrl (7) from Bayonne, NJ 10 years ago

Thank you for sharing your words.