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Forum Post: Chance for a riot

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 18, 2011, 7:07 p.m. EST by chill72 (7)
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im indonesia living in indonesia, so i don't know the real-actual situation in the center of this global protest, New York.

from what i have read, the protesters come from various backgrounds. when many people gather at one place, there is always a chance of chaos and riot. though they may pursue similar objectives, they still have their differences. combine it with the ever-growing police repressive treatments plus the very little attentions from media and the government.

so, do you think there will be a riot?? because if there is a riot in New York, there is also a chance of national riot in USA, and possibly also worldwide riot....



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[-] 2 points by bannik311 (83) 12 years ago

There is very slim chance of riots. Progressives have learned from the anarchists in the 40's labor movement. The easiest way to lose the moral high ground and support of the country is to incite violence.

The supporters of movement are very patriotic and stand for the democratic ideals that made our country great. And it would be hypocritical for us not to support democracy when it becomes inconvenient.

[-] 1 points by chill72 (7) 12 years ago

then i guess you all are pursuing a better democracy...

[-] 1 points by bannik311 (83) 12 years ago

We are by no means perfect, there are definitely fascists in this country that want things their way NOW and they don't care how it gets done. We also have the plutocrats who listen to money instead of people.

This movement is to temper the first group and encourage more bipartisanship. With the second group we want them out of power and create policy to prevent it again and return some of the ill gotten gains to the general public

[-] 2 points by Cindy (197) 12 years ago

The movement is remaining quite civil but anything could happen.

[-] 1 points by monahan (272) 12 years ago

The center is communist

[-] 1 points by chill72 (7) 12 years ago

that's a huge accusation. i believe you have no evidence of it.. people who accuse this protest to be orchestrated by the government to cover its administration failure don't have evidence either..

some americans do not quite understand communism very well. do you really know communism?

[-] 1 points by monahan (272) 12 years ago

Have you been to zucotti?

[-] 1 points by chill72 (7) 12 years ago

nope! as i said before, i am following this via internet. What's in Zucotti? people wearing red army's accessories?

[-] 1 points by monahan (272) 12 years ago

Communism including communist union hats

[-] 0 points by justhefacts (1275) 12 years ago

Funny thing. Large groups of people with different objectives and differences gather in large groups ALL the time without rioting.

And often these large groups are also accompanied by police officers whose purpose is to insure the obedience of public laws, from everyone. And no riots.

And many, many times, these large groups, accompanied by police officers doesn't get ANY attention from the media or the government. And no riots.

So-it would seem that your insinuation that large groups of people, with different objectives, and a police presence, who lack media attention "always" creates the chance for chaos and riots-is false.

[-] 1 points by chill72 (7) 12 years ago

i'm happy hearing this.. look man, i despise riot and chaos as much as the pope does:). i post this question because i see chaos here in my country every single day..

i hope all protesters are like you...