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Forum Post: Chamberlin-Franklin House Of Representatives Is Blue Collars Secret Weapon

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 17, 2013, 10:38 p.m. EST by ChamberlinFranklin (0) from Grand Rapids, MI
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I am the Founder of a creative organization that wants to negotiate prices throughout America's businesses and talk employers into providing advanced benefits such as access to luxury home, luxury cars, and other recreational vehicles on ocassion to help everybody live a better life. They want to help America make the smooth transition from 8 hour shifts to 6 hour shifts and help provide America with more entertainment because entertainment is money. They also want to talk business owners to contribute to a public account funded by profit dividends. They also want to represent the average person in getting paid by their employer or other companies for their ideas however small they may be. Please Donate At Chamberlin-Franklin.Org

Here Is Questions Businesses Need To Be Discussing With Us. Bring This Questionnaire To Your Employer To Talk Over, Or If You Are A Business Talk This Over With Your Suppliers And Customers. This Is Regarding Making Changes To Lower Prices As A Nation, Lower The Cost Of Living, And Providing Employees With Creative Benefits.

  1. Are You Willing To Discuss Lowering Your Prices If Chamberlin-Franklin Contact Your Suppliers To Help?
  2. Are You Willing To Discuss Making The Change From Three-8 Hour Work Shifts To Four-6 Hour Work Shifts? For 8 Hour Shift Jobs Try Adjusting To Two-6 Hour Shifts.
  3. Are You Willing To Buy A Company Collection Of Vacation Homes And Allow Employees To Use Them?
  4. Are You Willing To Buy A Company Collection Of Luxury & Exotic Cars And Allow Employees To Use Them On Their Birthday Or Anniversary?
  5. Are You Willing To Buy A Company Collection Of Recreational Vehicles Such As Ski Boats, Motorcycles, RV’s, Jet Ski’s, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, Snowboards, Ski’s, & Etc. And Allow Your Employees To Sign Them Out For Free Or Little Cost?
  6. Are You Willing To Start Recruiting Employees From A Close Proximity And Provide Bus Transportation?
  7. Are You Willing To Buy Store Credits In Bulk Such As $100,000 for $75,000 And Passing The Savings On To Your Employees? It Can Count As Wages.
  8. Are You Willing To Pay Dividends In An Amount Of Your Choice To All Citizens Of Your State Or Country As A New Economic And Business Ethics Trend? It Could Invite More Loyal Customers.
  9. Are You Willing To Pay Employees & Even Non-Employees Their Rightful Share For Coming Up With Creative Contributions To Your Company Such As Inventions Or Innovations, TV Commercial Or Ad Layout, Logo Or Company Image Ideas & Etc.?
  10. Are You Willing To Have More Company Outings Such As Golf Or Seasonal Parties?



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