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Forum Post: Capitalism is dying in the computer age

Posted 6 years ago on May 1, 2012, 5:09 p.m. EST by 99rabbitholelane (0)
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The world's economic situation is far worse than most people believe. Even the strongest economies have accumulated huge debts they cannot afford to pay. Riots and turmoil are happening all over the globe. Governments the world over are unable to sustain their societies as before.

It's not that most wealthy nations overnight became irresponsible and adopted poor book keeping habits. These are symptoms of the disease, not the disease. Capitalism has a terminal disease and is doomed to die. The disease is called the computer age and high technology. Each year that passes technology displaces human labor. More and more humans are becoming obsolete resources and are now burdens on their society. Computers, robotics, machines,etc. These will continue to evolve and less and less humans will contribute to capitalism. The use of machinery in the industrial age replaced the human body, but always needed a human brain to operate the equipment. In the computer age the human brain is replaced by the computer. So neither the human body, nor brain is needed to do the work. Less valuable and more plentiful workers lead to lower wages and less consumers to fuel the system. Consequently less taxes to cover govt expenses resulting in higher debt. The world population will increase and the need for human labor will greatly decrease.

Just look at the initial salvos computers in their infancy have lobbed at human labor. Factory robotics, Globalization, CAD machines, digital printing/photos, e-mail, ATM'S, self checkouts, online newspapers,software programs, online purchasing of everything from travel to merchandise, dvd rentals, when was the last time you spoke to a REAL person when calling a major corporation? etc,etc,etc. Productivity levels aren't soaring because the "American idol" generation is the greatest workforce ever. It's because utilizing computer technology has made them productive. What took 10 workers to do 30 years ago, only takes 7 or 8 workers today. These things have dealt a huge blow in lost jobs. All this and the computer age is just taking it's baby steps.

Capitalism is an industrial age system that will never function in the computer age. Imagine the unemployment new technology will bring in the coming decades. Take some of the following few examples and add a few of your own.

3D printing allows endless kinds of solid objects to be printed instead of manufactured. Once perfected these machines will devastate factory jobs, transport logistics and associated ancillary jobs. Eventually this will replace even the lowest wage jobs in third world countries. Producing everything from garments to dinnerware. Health care jobs will suffer. With DNA mapping of diseases, cures for obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease are only a few decades away. Robots or robotic body parts will be able to assist the infirmed and elderly. All of this technology is great, but will result in much less health care jobs.Invitro meat is a viable future food source that is showing advancements that will allow growing artificial meat from stem cells. Once perfected, huge jobs in ranching, slaughterhouses and transport will be lost. Over time slaughtering live animals for a food source will be thought inhumane and go the way of wearing fur coats. "AI",Once artificial intelligence is achieved, it will eventually replace the most highly regarded human jobs. A human judge, surgeon, ceo, professor, engineer, etc will pale in their ability to compete with a computer. A machine that can think as much in a nano second as da vinci, einstein, archimedes thought in their entire lives, will dwarf all inept human competition.

All of that will take decades or generations to fully materialize. Presently we are in dangerous times. A class war has begun, while societies around the world crumble. The rich no longer need the poor human resource. The poor no longer need the rich, whose reign is only over a sinking ship. Unfortunately the rich own the govt, monetary system, media, legal system,etc and their actions recently are scary to say the least. Homeland security, citizens united, habeas corpus is a corpse, surveillance of citizens, drone aircraft to occupy U.S. airspace, the embracing of fascist behaviour, austerity programs aimed at the lower classes, the poor bailing out the rich and then beingleft holding the debt, the beating of citizens protesting against injustice, The U.S. military with bases in more than 70 sovereign nations!!! etc, etc, it's a NWO nightmare. The people's rights and our constitution have been desecrated and things will only get worse.

The only way to escape the worst is if the masses woke up. Unfortunately that is highly unlikely as most people buy the lie. I've been hoping for the success of #OWS since the Sep 17 start. The only way for #OWS to have a sliver of a chance is if it stops whining about every little problem. The public's attention span is tiny and they're not going to listen when #OWS complains about excessive jay walking tickets being issued in hoboken. The stakes are too high now and things are happening too fast. #OWS has to bring to light only a very, very few huge problems to have any chance.Historically great changes are on the horizon, most of which will be bad. Last century we saw Hitler, Stalin, Pol pot take power. The start of this new century is setting us up for more of their kind to rule.The question is: are the sleeping sheeple going to be able to save us?



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