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Forum Post: Capitalism is devil's shit on the paradise planet

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 19, 2013, 2:11 a.m. EST by benjamin (3)
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  1. Problem description:
    Capitalism is the worst evil of society that we have ever conceived in our whole human history. In the time span of just 200 years, capitalism has managed to intoxicate the world with its excrements to the point where the entire planet stinks together with the human race.

  2. Fundamental statement:
    Capitalism is not a social order, but a global private company devouring the riches and shitting poverty.

  3. Definition:
    The capitalist Empire is the devil on this planet, capitalism is its shit and politicians its ass-kissers who, blinded by the lust for power, enable him to shit anything, anywhere, anytime and as much as he wants, even for the price of turning the paradise planet into hell.

  4. Purpose:
    Purpose of the Empire is to create a global society of addicts, individuals as well as entire countries, who will be fully dependant on the daily dose of its excrements.

  5. Goal: The goal of the Empire is privatization of society and planet by becoming the sole proprietor of everything, making the world its servant for the sake of development and in exchange for life on credit. What remains is the world of poverty as an inexhaustible source of cheap labor and exploitation of natural resources.

  6. Facts:
    The Empire moulds people and planet according to the size of its ass, whose only products are malodorous gases polluting the air, excrements destroying drinking water, liquid manure turning oceans into stinking cesspits, poisons poisoning the fertile ground, the invisible fine dust particles radiating death, bloodsuckers sucking the blood of the mankind.

  7. Limitations:
    Empire's limitations are in the narrow-mindedness of capitalism as well as in limitations regarding its contents. The Empire is not aware of the fact that people who have been shitted on are running out of patience. People see, feel and smell that capitalism stinks, that they even started to stink themselves and they don’t like it. They prefer to be clean.

  8. Transience: Nothing lasts forever. Everything has a beginning and an end, which also goes for the Empire and its shit - capitalism. It is waning, even though its ass-kissers wish to keep it alive, one way or another. But there is a new star of hope rising on the horizon, showing the way, the way we need to start walking right now.

  9. Suppositions: Let’s suppose that this capitalist shit lasts for another 30 years. If so, there is a high chance of unrest and global war for water, food, soil, work, space and survival, caused by the fury of the exploited and the deceived, but also as an impact of the climate change and exhausted nature.

  10. Conclusion:
    If today’s society allows privatization of the social system by allowing the owner to possess everything: people, nature and planet, then there is something terribly wrong with this society. Its destiny lies in the hands of a minority which doesn’t know better than to count money and election votes. The minority creates the world of its own design, shits around as much as it desires and when it screws up, the majority is bound to clean up its shit with its own money, higher taxes, lower wages and pensions, lack of social rights, unemployment, futurelessness and exploitation. And if the majority accepts all that, then it doesn’t have the right to complain that it has been attributed a permanent job of a shit cleaner.

  11. Alternative:
    The abundance lies not in what we create and possess, but in what we are, our life and all the life that surrounds us, treasured for the sake of the future generations. Everything created by nature is given to us for free and put at our disposal. Everything we need to live and to survive. The air that we breathe, fresh water, fertile soil, crops of the soil, fruits of the trees, insects pollinating flowers, birds singing for us, the murmur of the forests, oceans full of life, all the biodiversity that surrounds and sustains us. This is the only real treasure, our biggest treasure.

And we are a part of this treasure. We are unique, just like any other form of life on this planet. Each of us is priceless. A unicum in space. A treasure that cannot be evaluated through money or weighed off with gold but with respect towards life.

And only when we grasp this idea, we will say goodbye to today’s „HAVE MORE“ world and welcome the new „BE MORE“ world. A world enriched with humanity, social justice and environmental responsibility. This is the world I desire for everyone, our descendants, the whole of humanity. A world where life is the only treasure – the ECOHUMAN WORLD.

Action call:

Capitalist Empire and itt ass-kissers are telling us they are the ones who can shit around as much as they want and that we are the ones in charge only to wipe their asses. But we are not your ass-wipers and the planet is not your toilet.

So this is our message to them. The time of your shit is over. The time of disinfection has come. Humanity desires to live together as one family and accept the planet as its home -- the only one we have and which we refuse to lose at any cost.

Spread the news that humanity has a new vision and goal, that the old world is dying, and the new world is born, and that:

  • the time has come for all the people of good will to unite in a global people’s movement for a better world to build one,
  • the time has come to leave the world of the „HAVE MORE“ behind and enter the world of „BE MORE“,
  • the time has come for less „ME“ and more „WE“,
  • the time has come for a full renewal of the global society,
  • the time has come to move up to a higher level of civilization,
  • the time has come for humanity, social justice and environmental responsibility,
  • the time has come for ECOHUMANISM, the new global social order,
  • the time of humanity has come.

It’s time for a new world - ecohuman world.



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[-] 1 points by PrivateUnionyes (-6) 4 years ago

Ok. But replaced with what that allows for the differing ambitions of the hard working vs the slothful?


[-] 1 points by FrenchFontes (23) 4 years ago

Capitalism needs to fall. People need to think like you and me and stop listening to the corporations.


[-] 0 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 4 years ago

Agreed. I was going to make a post you might like about how libraries are evolving in the digital age. They have humans that you can sit in front of and they talk to you about the past. They lend out fishing poles and other stuff. Libraries could fill city blocks eventually, replacing stores. Just like Fresco's intelligent management of the world's resources.

Now to figure out why the Post button is broken... or if I'm denied.