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Forum Post: Cancer cure or pharmaceutical companies

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 13, 2011, 6:27 p.m. EST by Lorcafp (1)
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have you ever read about Burzynski research Institute?..Dr Burzinski is helping a lot of people with cancer but pharmaceutical companies and goverment agencies are against him, he try to get approval for his medicine for almost 20 years, but nothing happen, you know why...because of pharmaceutical companies..not only banks are against us....



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[-] 2 points by reddy2 (256) 8 years ago

This has happened many many times

There is a cancer cure developed by an Australian Cancer Doctor who was one of the top specialists in the country.

He was blacklisted by the 'system'.

He tried for about 25 years to get his treatment into the public health system.

He has now retired and others continue his clinic.

He CURED thousands of people. CURED.

I'll put the link here in case anyone needs it.


[-] 1 points by mvjobless (370) 8 years ago

Great post. It's possible Dr.Holt may have been building on the foundation of Royal Rife who cured people of cancer using pulsing radiowaves in the early 1900's, probably around 1903 but could be later. The technique was named for Rife. Anyone interested can find literature on this guy, he was a pioneer in this field. As with other progressive scientists he was sidelined by the medical profession.

On another note, if people are interested in healing illness, they should check out tongren healing at tongrenstation.com. This technique has had great success in healing late stage cancers and many other ailments major and minor. I highly recommend it, it's free.

[-] 1 points by Windsofchange (1044) 8 years ago

Please don't get me started with Big Pharma and their out of control greed. The sad truth is that it is far more profitable to treat the symptoms of cancer than to cure it, this is why there has been so little progress made in finding cures for cancers. Tons of money has been raised and donated to Institutions for cancer research and treatment; surely, we should have found cures to at least the more common cancers; breast and lungs cancer -by now.

Big Pharma is for Big business and it's big business treating cancer. Outside of cancer treatment, they want every American on medications. This is why there is a pill for just about everything. I had high cholesterol and my doctor wanted to put me on those cholesterol meds, I would have no part of it. I brought down my cholesterol to a normal level through diet, exercise, and weight loss.

Big Pharma uses doctors to promote their drugs. They offer incentives for doctors who push their latest and greatest (more expensive drugs). These doctors get showered with gifts from them. One of the big ticket items is doctors being invited to speak at medical conferences (sponsored by Big Pharma) anywhere in the world with all expenses paid. If you go to a doctor's office and see memo pads, pens, squeezie balls, literature and anything promoting a drug, even free samples of the drug--be very leery. I am very uncomfortable about this because I don't want a doctor who is quick to push pills on me. It really is a conflict of interest and a true outrage that this goes on--but yet it does.

[-] 1 points by Lorcafp (1) 8 years ago

Director Eric Merola did a documenstary about Dr Burzinski, please see it and spread around information like this

[-] 1 points by invient (360) 8 years ago

Yes I have heard it... My Uncle had two different types of cancer... one metastasised and he is going in to have an op done in a week... I've sent him the info, along with some THC research showing 50% decrease in lung tumor size...

Its odd though, when I talk to my Father about it he just sort of dismisses it... I get similar responses from people of older age as well.

[-] 0 points by USCitizenVoter (720) 8 years ago

It's about greed that's why they have patents for their drugs. Our whole world is scewed up.