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Forum Post: Canadians crying in the Streets!

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 26, 2011, 11:26 a.m. EST by JakeKondrashov (1)
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Hello fellow occupiers! My name is Jake and I just finished this journey through Ontario(province) visiting cities talking with a vast ray of municipalities and communities. ( http://www.occupylondononca.org/freedom-march-blog/ ) The province is moving in cold force and some serious input is needed from outside resources in how we can collaborate our communicative efforts in making the best choices in the prospect of moving forwards towards an impending global collaborative effort with the involvement of the movement. Our current struggle lies in tactics on how to hold strong with winter just around the corner. A group of people are discussing a provincial park occupation. Other smaller cities are on the brink of starting there own as well too. For us to move forward in Ontario we need to (in my eyes) have a stand off with police at sometime where we stand our ground and let them know that we can not be ignored and our voices will be heard. A lot of Toronto citizens get discouraged by the cold, and other cities like London, Ontario could put to good use of a empty building (historic mabey) that could be occupied.

All I know is that at the current time we have a trade agreement here in Canada known as CETA www.canadians.org can tell you all about it. And if it passes in Canada then America is next eventually Mexico to where we will be all interlocked in a trade agreement with the EU that will F* all our worlds for the next 30 years. Giving away what our forefathers and foremothers fought and died for in any war! (The only justifiable means in the sense of self defense ). They(1%) assume we are unaware petty beings like seriously enough is enough.

I guess the real question is can we talk?!



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