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Forum Post: Can you imagine a better 1% candidate for Orlando?

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 4, 2012, 5:42 p.m. EST by ericweiss (575)
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Can you imagine a better 1% candidate for Orlando? : Todd Long has been a Rush Limbaugh wannabe radio talk show host in Orlando since 2006. He has literally spent years monotonously reciting every Fox News/Tea Party talking point of the day.

And yet -- here's the thing - roughly two-thirds of the voters in the district haven't heard of Todd Long. Much less know what he wants to do to them.

On Social Security and Medicare, the voters don't know that Todd Long has promised to "privatize" it, turning the Social Security Trust Fund over to gamblers on Wall Street. They don't know that Todd Long wants to increase the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare to 70, or 72. They don't know that Todd Long would "freeze" Medicaid expenditures , which means that over time, more and more seniors won't get the care that they need to stay healthy. Or alive.

And Todd Long is not going to tell the voters that these are his goals. His game plan is simple: Just stay quiet for the next nine weeks, and let the right-wing Super PACs smash me. Just like last time.

And the local media? They couldn't care less. The Orlando Sentinel has written several articles about Long, without ever mentioning his extreme positions on Social Security or Medicare. Same with local TV and radio.

We caught Todd Long red-handed on another right-wing radio host's show last month. He thought that he was just preaching to the choir. But we recorded the show. We caught him saying that he would privatize Social Security. Long: "On Social Security, I would privatize it." Announcer: "You would privatize Social Security?" Long: "I would definitely privatize it."

Please help. The truth is our sword. Let's inform the voters, beat Todd Long, and save Social Security and Medicare. Courage, Alan Grayson



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[-] 1 points by notaneoliberal (2269) 11 years ago

Alan Grayson is "the man".