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Forum Post: Can we find common ground?

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 25, 2012, 3:11 a.m. EST by Jerkychew (0)
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A world wide or mostly world wide socialist movement. All we need is a clear plan. A socialist model starting from local to continental. Include resource management, infrastructure, agriculture, etc. It seems that most people I've talked to about OWS seems to think it's just a bunch of angry people that just get together to complain about anything. I really think we'd have a chance to change for the better if we can all set our eyes on one goal. Can most everyone agree that capitalism is a major contributor to everyone's economical strife? If so, why not a socialist movement? I believe It can work today with the technology we have now: communications, robotics, agriculture, energy etc. The possibilities are incredible and without the limitations of funding there would be almost no limitations to how we can improve technologies. All I ask for is objective and positive thinking. One last thing I just can't get off of my mind lately -This just a ride- Bill Hicks



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[-] 1 points by billyx (72) 7 years ago

Jerky. You might enjoy this blog http://gypsyking1.wordpress.com. There might be something more than just socialist