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Forum Post: Calm Before The Next Storm

Posted 2 years ago on Feb. 11, 2012, 8:41 p.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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Ah, CPAC. The two one time leading candidates are struggling mightily to reinvent themselves. Another isn’t even there and the last is now the first.

It will be fun to watch next week to see how it all shakes out. I feel more calm than usual today because I read where Jeb Bush’s name is already being bandied about in case of a brokered convention.

He too, however, has baggage. I won’t list it all because the press will when and if. The worst is obvious. He’s a Bush. Are we ready to accept that he’s not his brother? On the other hand it might be poetic justice of a sort. Obama and his administration keep telling us all our problems are because of brother George’s administration. Who better to fix them than another Bush? I’m not holding my breath.

Rick Santorum continues to look good to the devout conservative. One thing about the man whether or not you agree with him, like Paul, he really believes in the positions he’s taken. Maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to write them off.

Now is the time to look at other aspects of the elections. All the promises are for naught if the Congress isn’t squarely behind the President no matter who he is. Obama is finding that to be true.

Whether or not the dynamic of the House and Senate changes sits squarely upon our shoulders and all the speech making and blogging in the world won’t change that. Each state and district within will elect those of their own personal choice. Each has control whether or not they will be ideologues, obstructionists, liberal or conservative. Hopefully there will be some moderates in the mix so the field is more level than it has been. It’s definitely buyer beware.

There will be no budget, again, from the Senate. Harry Reid has already said so. The deficit is to go up another trillion or so. The President has already said so. That should be an indicator that compromise is unlikely.

Will the tea party types mellow? Probably not. Things have gotten so bad in Washington that Democrats and Republicans won’t even patronize the same restaurants for fear of running into one another. How much more sophomoric and petulant can you get?

And so it goes. I’m beginning to worry about myself. I find myself laughing at so many of the headlines yet they are far from funny. It really is more than just jobs and the economy you see. People in Syria are being slaughtered daily by the dozens and Ahmajinedad is getting ready to dog and pony show Iran’s nuclear accomplishments to