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Forum Post: Build the framework to fix the problems

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 7:47 p.m. EST by unimportant (716)
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I submit to you that the problems are not as important as are the solutions.

I have read multiple forums, participated in multiple forums and been to Occupy Seattle and so on and find the message is quite clear; fix this $country. [$country == insert your country here]

I think that in order to accomplish your goal you must first define the goal and if everybody defines the end goal as "fixing this $country" then it will be something everybody can agree on. Admittedly that would be odd, everybody agreeing on something but it could happen :-)

The second thing would be to determine how to "fix this $country" which is where things might fall apart unless..... We all agreed that constructing the framework for the fixes, whatever is agreed upon at some later date, is the way to "fix this $country" and move forward on that premise.

Hmm.... what framework would allow us to do this..., I know, how about we give the power back to the individuals. Something akin to a constitutional amendment removing the constitutional rights reserved for the individual from non-individuals like businesses or groups of individuals. This is a sticky part because it would preclude business entities, charitable organizations, political action committees and so on from being considered individuals.

After that the we can strip private money from the electoral and legislative process which in turn removes financial influence from the electoral and legislative process and then we could move on to create the individual changes that people are fighting for here.

I realize this is a particularly provocative idea but it might be something worth considering and/or working towards.

-- I am simply Unimportant



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