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Forum Post: Breakthrough detractorless solution by 99ers now proven in 25 OECD nations

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 26, 2011, 7:13 p.m. EST by JoTerrence (50) from Palmdale, CA
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Lets see if you can be the only person on the planet to critisize a solution to all our wows that has been refined and tested for 200 years by fellow 99ers Good Luck! Critisizing how I convey it does not count, but for your amusement I made it an interesting read. After a long train of abuses we the 99ers are to provide a New Guard for our future security. Performing this duty has become simplified by 99ers in other nations doing all the work of refining and testing over a 200 year period. So as brief as possible lets look at what proven system they came up with. Jason Bourne types of commissioned officials by the 99ers has what it takes to stay in a protracted battle against a foe who dictates the economy and health of the planet to the 99ers. They unanimously deny climate change and tell all to go back to sleep so they may continue to siphon off our energy. Many will do just that but there is a type of person who cannot stand to fool themselves, always endeavoring to get to the bottom of things. They keep us informed so as to keep our planet balanced. Climate scientists, Investigators, Archeologists who unearth hidden information and reporters. The 1% having no need for this individual as he does nothing but expose the truth. The Matrix helps convey this solution. These plenipotentiaries hack into our four estates along with all administrations and agencies to look for corruption or waste. Their duty is to fix everything broken concerning Gov. in their state or nation. When governments are responsible for reducing the governed and allow agents to abuse, tear gas or kill citizens then the 99ers/ public commission these guards to investigate and indict those responsible. This has a chilling effect on abusers. They have played us for 30years and never bothered to inform us, as first order of business was to erase all investigators from existence. Woodward & Bernstein, Edward R Murrow were the last of their kind. To fix this nation lets mandate Investigative Reporters. We Love America. We’re Here to Fix It I see OWS as a patriotic movement, based on a deep and abiding love of country — a patriotism that it is not just about the self-interests of individuals, but about what the country is and is to be. Do Americans care about other citizens, or mainly just about themselves? That’s what love of America is about. I therefore think it is important to be positive, to be clear about loving America, seeing it in need of fixing, and not just being willing to fix it, but being willing to take to the streets to fix it. A populist movement starts with the people seeing that they are all in the same boat and being ready to come together to fix the leaks. (George Lakoff) What began in 1809 then took off in 1950 to include 25 OECD nations has become a global phenomena. In these nations the public play the game waged on them by the 1% with their queen game piece. (New Guard)

In choosing a solution to our mess it must be one we all can agree on. One that has addressed all the concerns of everyone. One tested solution everyone can get behind, a nemine dissentiente or without a dissenting vote. This can be achieved as there are no detractors to this system. No controversy. The only difficulty is in conveying this system properly as there are volumes to convey and we have to keep it brief here. Canada broadcast a TV series which brought these Patrons into every province. One that can easily be implemented One that our Patrons have been calling for. One that is explained with rules and mandates in books in our libraries. One that is defined in all our dictionaries from 1960 on as public commissioned officials who with their armada of captains set out on a humanitarian mission to investigate corruption and abuse throughout government agencies. Governments understand this need and welcome it as politically they cannot indict themselves, or remove corrupted fellow employees from office. One that restores trust in a corrupted kakistocratic system One that restores our fourth estate, our Judicial and Congress. One that the 1% cannot be a detractor to, even they understand Patrons protecting the progeny from depredators. One that 25 OECD nations have adopted. One designed to get government to function as intended with a democratic representation instead of an unequal influence by corporate lobbyists. One that protects a citizen (Troy Davis) from abuses by any agency. One adopted and proven by two of our 50 states. One easy to adopt and ready to go. We give our Patrons consent in commissioning plenipotentiaries to act as citizen protectors. There are many duties given these Investigators we cannot get into. We give our consent to a functioning as intended government and we give our consent to the New Guard which we are providing for our future security. Government cannot appoint plenipotentiaries to investigate corruption in government, it does not work. This is a public commissioning. There is much more and plenty of historical stories to share and make movies from.



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