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Forum Post: Boycotts? Ethical investing?

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 11, 2011, 8:02 p.m. EST by SaRaIam (105)
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I'd like to start a discussion about using boycott as a means of undermining some of the worst corporations, but there should be a list of the 10 worst corporations (criteria" polluters, poor labor practices, war mongers etc.) AND A LIST OF THE PRODUCTS that people could boycott and start targeted boycotting of at least 10 corporations.

For those who have money invested or to invest, it would be great to out some ideas for ethical investing so that people can begin to DIVEST from corporations like the oil giants Exxon, BP etc.



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[-] 2 points by SaRaIam (105) 6 years ago

This isn't necessarily ideal but there's a web-site ussif.org that has a list of some of the more environmentally and socially conscious investment options. Again, it's not perfect, but they have screeners and you can invest in certain companies that wouldn't invest in any companies that build nuclear power plants etc.

Good idea to get a like list. I hope this can get going. A lot of people sympathize with the complaints of the movement but have money invested in the unscrupulous companies.

[-] 2 points by SaRaIam (105) 6 years ago

I think there should be a list of Immediate demands made in conjunction with specific actions; for example, re=institute the Glass-Steagull Act might be a good demand in conjunction with the move your money day action.

The movement now has enough people so specific actions could have immediate results.

The immediate demands should be in conjunction with long-term goals (obviously).

[-] 2 points by weenk (16) 6 years ago

DUMP YOUR BANK DAY. Imagine all Occupy supporters across the USA going down to close their bank accounts and open up credit union accounts on the same day.

Dump Your Bank Day!!! Tuesday November 8th.

We are unhappy with banks, their policies, their profits, their bailouts, lets do more than talk about it, protest about it, let's DO something about it.

Let's have Dump Your Bank Day on what would be "election day" ... First Tuesday after the first Monday in November... TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2011.

What better way to send a message to our elected officials?

Those of us who already have credit unions will show our support by marching in the Financial District and/or holding signs near local credit unions that say "We Dumped Our Bank Today"

[-] 1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 6 years ago

I think that Americans should boycott Adbusters. Abusters has been sued by media companies in their home country, and its founder's political epiphany happened when he first committed vandalism.

These organizers of OWS really don't strike me as doing anything but causing trouble.

[-] 1 points by SenChentLok (15) 6 years ago

I'm on board. Red Bull pulled its team from a Grand Prix race in Bahrain, in part due to people from around the world protesting and threatening to boycott its products.

As they say, money (or lack thereof) talks.

[-] 1 points by RewardAndConsent (2) 6 years ago

I believe that people want to know where they can spend their money on ethical companies while they are boycotting the unethical companies. A BUYcott is an organized campaign to buy products and services in support of companies who do "well." It is a relatively new tactic that uses positive reinforcement. There is an organization called Carrotmob that uses the same principle.

Can we BUYcott the credit unions?

For more on the boycott/BUYcott, Google "Reward and Consent" or visit my blog: http://rewardandconsent.blogspot.com/2011/10/buycott-good-corporations-while.html

[-] 1 points by theOnlineGovernmentDotcom (97) 6 years ago

Hey I like it - I just dumped of Ascent solar because they are participating in Chinese espionage, taking their production to China who will no doubt take the technology and replicate it and smash the inventors. Also how about a like-list - this would be companies who don't outsource and treat their employees fairly.

[-] 1 points by timmywalls (1) from Cheshire, CT 6 years ago

its called the good guide. google it

[-] 1 points by ojosdelangel77 (33) from Fort Smith, AR 6 years ago

I completely agree, we need more action that actually makes our points! I would love to see Walmart and like you say the oil giants on the list.