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Forum Post: Boycott the NFL!

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 1, 2014, 7:19 a.m. EST by myows (133)
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Every working class person should boycott the NFL. Did you know that the NFL is considered a tax exempt organization, like a charity? The NFL takes in 9 BILLION dollars a year and over half of the owners are BILLIONAIRES. Why does the NFL NOT pay taxes and why should US taxpayers have to pay for their new stadiums to be built? Please google "HOW THE NFL FLEECES TAXPAYERS" or "Senator Coburn end NFL non profit status" to read very informative articles about this. It will probably make your blood boil. Now you'd think these owners who have been blessed with all this good fortune would not be cheap SOB's, but you'd be wrong. Remember that last year the owners locked out the referees because they insisted that the referees must give up their pension plans and the refs resisted. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked by some reporters about why the refs should have to give up their pension plan and he said (with a straight face) something like " Well, you know, I don't even get a pension"! Yeah, Goodell you don't get a pension but the refs make $90,000 a year versus you who makes $20 million a year! A little disingenuous there, maybe? The only reason the refs didn't have to give up their pensions was, if you remember, the substitute refs that the cheapskate owners hired (some from the Lingerie Bowl) were so bad that they had the fans up in arms about the bad calls and the owners finally gave in and brought the refs back. Also maybe you've seen this story last week where the Raiders cheerleaders are sueing the Raiders because they're only being paid something like 5 bucks an hour. That's not even minimum wage! So your tax exempt billionaire owners are trying to take away pensions and pay cheerleaders 5 dollars an hour. Wow. After the breaks that the owners get, is this the type of "trickle down economics" that all us regular working stiffs are supposed to be dependent on in order not to end up starving in the street? I'll pass on helping these people get richer.



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