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Forum Post: Boycott College!

Posted 7 years ago on May 18, 2012, 11:05 a.m. EST by lgarz (287) from New York, NY
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There is a truly simple way to get Congress to lower Interest Rates on student loans, and Colleges to lower the cost of Tuition at the same time. Boycott College! Don’t go to school next Semester! There is really no good reason to go back to school next Semester anyway, so why go? Instead of demonstrating and getting maced by the campus Gestapo to demand lower Tuition, refuse to pay it. Don’t sit down, stand up and walk out!

Everybody can agree that things have to change in America. And the only thing the 1% understands is Money. So the only real weapon the 99% have is the power of the pocketbook. Close it! Keep your money in your pocket! We all must eat. We all must work. We all must pay for Gas & Electricity. We all must pay Rent. Nobody “MUST” go to College.

Nobody is going to die from missing a year of School. Nobody is going to go Bankrupt by not paying Tuition. Nobody will lose sleep by not worrying about school. Trust me, the way things are going now, the easiest thing for a working family to do is to hold onto the little bit of cash they have now. So, why go? Why spend the Money? Why not Boycott College for a year!

When you consider the current return on investment, the cost of matriculating, security conditions on Campus, and the current job market for graduates, (College Grads are working at McDonalds!) is going to College next year really a good investment? And, there is no real downside to Boycotting College if the Congress is going to double your interest rate! So, why go? Why spend all that money? Why not Boycott College for a year?

Students can spend the summer organizing on the Interweb, and if just half the Students in America decide not to go back College next Semester and stay home instead, won’t that shake up the System? So, Boycott College for a year! Do what the Republicans want you to do, take a Bubble Bath, find a job to do back home, drink with your College Buddies at a local Bar. Have lunch at home. Meet the Girl next door. Buy a new car. You can do all that, if you Boycott College for a year!

Think about it, Students of America can shake up the world by simply sitting on the couch back home playing Video Games, instead of feeding a beast that’s trying to devour their future! Boycott College for a year, you’ll change America!



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[-] 0 points by SteveKJR (-497) 7 years ago

Colleges determine there tuition based on expenses associated with the college not based on what congress wants them to charge. The vast majority of costs associated with colleges are the professors.

I believe a study was done to find out why the cost was so high and that was one of the main reasons.